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This template sets the maximum width of a screenshot to 320 pixels, and corrects its aspect ratio.


{{bobscreen|MagicalPuzzlePopils title.png}}


MagicalPuzzlePopils title.png

This is how the game appears on an actual Sega Game Gear. The original image taken from an emulator is below:

MagicalPuzzlePopils title.png


{{bobscreen|MagicalPuzzlePopils title.png|width=120}}


MagicalPuzzlePopils title.png

"width" also takes into account the adjusted aspect ratio, so the image appears 120 pixels wide even if the source image is not.


Code Raw image Output
{{bobscreen|Gain Ground Title.png|height=320}} Gain Ground Title.png

Gain Ground Title.png

{{bobscreen|Virtua Fighter Title.png}} Virtua Fighter Title.png

Virtua Fighter Title.png

{{bobscreen|AlteredBeast PS2 title.png}} AlteredBeast PS2 title.png

AlteredBeast PS2 title.png

{{bobscreen|BladeEagle title.png}} BladeEagle title.png

BladeEagle title.png

{{bobscreen|OutRun3D title.png}} OutRun3D title.png

OutRun3D title.png

{{bobscreen|Scd titlescreen.png}} Scd titlescreen.png

Scd titlescreen.png

{{bobscreen|WinterHeat title.png}} WinterHeat title.png

WinterHeat title.png

{{bobscreen|Clockwork Knight Title.png}} ClockworkKnightUSPAL Title.png

ClockworkKnightUSPAL Title.png

{{bobscreen|NiGHTS title.png}} NiGHTS title.png

NiGHTS title.png

{{bobscreen|VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2.png|forcewidescreen=yes}} VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2.png

VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2.png

{{bobscreen|VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2 PAL.png|forcewidescreen=yes}} VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2 PAL.png

VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2 PAL.png

{{bobscreen|VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2 PAL.png|forcewidescreen=yes|width=200}} VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2 PAL.png

VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2 PAL.png

{{bobscreen|VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2 PAL.png|forcewidescreen=yes|height=240}} VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2 PAL.png

VirtuaFighter 32X Widescreen2 PAL.png

{{bobscreen|Deep Scan.png}} Deep Scan.png

Deep Scan.png

{{bobscreen|Deep Scan.png|height=320}} Deep Scan.png

Deep Scan.png

{{bobscreen|Deep Scan.png|width=200}} Deep Scan.png

Deep Scan.png

{{bobscreen|Alex Kidd in Miracle World Title.png}} Alex Kidd in Miracle World Title.png

Alex Kidd in Miracle World Title.png

{{bobscreen|Outrun2spsdxscreen.png|width=320}} Outrun2spsdxscreen.png


{{bobscreen|OutRun IBMPC CGA Title.png|width=320}} OutRun IBMPC CGA Title.png

OutRun IBMPC CGA Title.png

{{bobscreen|OutRun IBMPC Hercules Title.png|width=320}} OutRun IBMPC Hercules Title.png

OutRun IBMPC Hercules Title.png

{{bobscreen|GoldenAxe IBMPC Hercules Title.png|width=320}} GoldenAxe IBMPC Hercules Title.png

GoldenAxe IBMPC Hercules Title.png

{{bobscreen|SpaceHarrier Amiga title.png|width=320}} SpaceHarrier Amiga title.png

SpaceHarrier Amiga title.png

{{bobscreen|FroggerII A8B Level1.png|width=320}} FroggerII A8B Level1.png

FroggerII A8B Level1.png

{{bobscreen|AfterBurnerII PCE Title.png}} AfterBurnerII PCE Title.png

AfterBurnerII PCE Title.png

{{bobscreen|Columns MSX2 Title2.png}} Columns MSX2 Title2.png

Columns MSX2 Title2.png

{{bobscreen|BuckRogers VIC20 Title.png}} BuckRogers VIC20 Title.png

BuckRogers VIC20 Title.png

{{bobscreen|BuckRogers VIC20 Gameplay.png}} BuckRogers VIC20 Gameplay.png

BuckRogers VIC20 Gameplay.png

{{bobscreen|Frogger 2600 Gameplay.png}} Frogger 2600 Gameplay.png

Frogger 2600 Gameplay.png

{{bobscreen|SuperZaxxon AppleII Gameplay.png}} SuperZaxxon AppleII Gameplay.png

SuperZaxxon AppleII Gameplay.png

{{bobscreen|Carnival 2600 Gameplay.png}} Carnival 2600 Gameplay.png

Carnival 2600 Gameplay.png

{{bobscreen|GLOC Amiga Title.png}} GLOC Amiga Title.png

GLOC Amiga Title.png

{{bobscreen|HotRod Amiga Title.png}} HotRod Amiga Title.png

HotRod Amiga Title.png

{{bobscreen|SpaceHarrier X68 JP SSBoss.png}} SpaceHarrier X68 JP SSBoss.png

SpaceHarrier X68 JP SSBoss.png

{{bobscreen|BonanzaBros_X68_JP_SSTitle.png}} BonanzaBros X68 JP SSTitle.png

BonanzaBros X68 JP SSTitle.png

{{bobscreen|AlienSyndrome X68 JP SSIngame.png}} AlienSyndrome X68 JP SSIngame.png

AlienSyndrome X68 JP SSIngame.png

{{bobscreen|LastBattle Amiga Title.png}} LastBattle Amiga Title.png

LastBattle Amiga Title.png

{{bobscreen|Doom SNES Title.png}} Doom SNES Title.png

Doom SNES Title.png

{{bobscreen|Flashback Amiga Title.png}} Flashback Amiga Title.png

Flashback Amiga Title.png

{{bobscreen|GhoulsnGhosts Arcade Title.png}} GhoulsnGhosts Arcade Title.png

GhoulsnGhosts Arcade Title.png

{{bobscreen|DarkCastle Amiga Title.png}} DarkCastle Amiga Title.png

DarkCastle Amiga Title.png

{{bobscreen|Lemmings IBMPC EGA Title.png}} Lemmings IBMPC EGA Title.png

Lemmings IBMPC EGA Title.png

{{bobscreen|MortalKombat Arcade Title.png}} MortalKombat Arcade Title.png

MortalKombat Arcade Title.png

{{bobscreen|BurningRival title.png}} BurningRival title.png

BurningRival title.png

{{bobscreen|VirtuaRacing Model1 US WDUD Widescreen.png|forcewidescreen=yes|height=240}} VirtuaRacing Model1 US WDUD Widescreen.png

VirtuaRacing Model1 US WDUD Widescreen.png

{{bobscreen|LostVikings Amiga Title.png}} LostVikings Amiga Title.png

LostVikings Amiga Title.png

{{bobscreen|Ikaruga title1.png|link=Ikaruga}} Ikaruga title1.png

Ikaruga title1.png

{{bobscreen|ComixZone PC Cheat.png|noresize=yes}} ComixZone PC Cheat.png ComixZone PC Cheat.png
{{bobscreen|ComixZone PC Cheat.png|noresize=yes|width=200}} ComixZone PC Cheat.png ComixZone PC Cheat.png
{{bobscreen|ComixZone PC Cheat.png|noresize=yes|height=200}} ComixZone PC Cheat.png ComixZone PC Cheat.png
{{bobscreen|SegaRally Saturn EU Title.png}} SegaRally Saturn EU Title.png

SegaRally Saturn EU Title.png

{{bobscreen|TimeScanner Title.png}} TimeScanner Title.png

TimeScanner Title.png

{{bobscreen|PuyoPuyoNarabe title.jpg}} PuyoPuyoNarabe title.jpg

PuyoPuyoNarabe title.jpg

{{bobscreen|Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire title screen.png}} Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire title screen.png

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire title screen.png

{{bobscreen|Phantasy Star Classics title.png}} Phantasy Star Classics title.png

Phantasy Star Classics title.png

{{bobscreen|SonicAdvance Android title.png}} SonicAdvance Android title.png

SonicAdvance Android title.png

{{bobscreen|M&SatL2012OG 3DS USEU Title.png}} M&SatL2012OG 3DS USEU Title.png

M&SatL2012OG 3DS USEU Title.png

{{bobscreen|Paperboy Lynx title.png}} Paperboy Lynx title.png

Paperboy Lynx title.png