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File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-10-18 New Computer Express (UK), "20 October 1990" "Sega will launch a low cost IBM compatible PC next year; extraodinarily it will boast Megadrive compatibility."
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-11-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "December 1990" "News and information"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-11-08 Mega Drive Fan (JP), "December 1990"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-11-22 New Computer Express (UK), "24 November 1990" "INTRODUCING MEGADRIVE PC"
Exclusive first picture of Sega's unique PC
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-11-30 Sega Players Enjoy Club (JP), "Vol. 7 Winter"
Cover article
1990-12-0x Mycom BASIC magazine (JP), "January 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-xx-xx Génération 4 (FR), "Février 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-02-08 Mega Drive Fan (JP), "March 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-03-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "April 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-03-08 Mega Drive Fan (JP), "April 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-04-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "May 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-05-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "June 1991" "News and information"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-05-08 Mega Drive Fan (JP), "June 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-05-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "June 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-05-21 Ação Games (BR), "Maio 1991" "O que vem por aí"
Sega and IBM partnered up and created the computer "Tera", which costs about US$750.
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-06-14 Famitsu (JP), "1991-xx-xx"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-06-27 Raze (UK), "August 1991" "Big in Japan"
Cover article
1991-07-0x Mycom BASIC magazine (JP), "August 1991"