The Getaway: Black Monday

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Getaway PS2 JP SSTitle.png
The Getaway: Black Monday
Publisher: Sega (JP)
System(s): PlayStation 2
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation 2
¥6,800 (7,140)[1] SLPM-66183

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The Getaway: Black Monday (ゲッタウェイ ブラックマンデー) is an action game developed by SCEE London Studio and Team Soho for the PlayStation 2, originally published by Sony Computer Entertainment in late 2004 as a sequel to their 2002 game The Getaway. In late 2005 the game was released in Japan by Sega, in a version that, outside of the Japanese text and subtitles and a minor edit to a certain scene, is mostly identical to the original English versions.

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Physical scans

PlayStation 2, JP
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