The Space Bar

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The Space Bar
System(s): Windows PC, Mac OS 7.5[1]
Publisher: SegaSoft (US), Bomico (DE)
Sound driver: Miles Sound System
Genre: Adventure

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Windows PC/Mac OS
$29.9929.99[3] 115
ESRB: Mature

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The Space Bar is a PC game developed by Boffo Games and published by SegaSoft in North America in 1997.


Players assume the role of Alias Node, a detective who is conducting a murder investigation on the distant planet Armpit VI. This comic sci-fi murder mystery begins in a space port at a drinking establishment called the Thirsty Tentacle Bar, and takes the players through eight alien worlds, where you encounter 19 different species represented by more than 40 alien creatures.[4]


The Space Bar's appearance at E3 1996.


The Space Bar was originally scheduled to be published by Rocket Science Games. However, following the complete failure of the company's business and subsequent near-acquisition by SegaSoft in late 1996, publishing duties were transferred to SegaSoft.


The Space Bar was demonstrated at E3 1996 alongside Rocket Jockey.

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Physical scans

PC/Mac, US
SpaceBar PC US back.jpgNospine.pngSpaceBar PC US Box Front.jpg
SpaceBar PC US disc1.jpg
Disc 1
SpaceBar PC US jback.jpgSpaceBar PC US jfront.jpg
Jewel Case
SpaceBar PC US disc1m.jpg
Mac disc 1
PC/Mac, DE
TheSpaceBar PC DE box front.png

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The Space Bar

TheSpaceBar PC US title.jpeg

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