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Icon Description Xbox Gamerscore PlayStation trophy
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement PeaceReturnsToOurHome.png Peace Returns To Our Home PlayStation Trophy Gold.png
Clear the game.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement InnerChild.png Inner Child PlayStation Trophy Silver.png
Clear "Lil' Kid Mode".
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement TakeBackTheSkies.png Take Back The Skies PlayStation Trophy Silver.png
Defeat a duck on a flying carpet.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement I'llJustGoOnAhead.png I'll Just Go On Ahead PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Find a Warp Room.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement CleanBetterFasterEasier.png Clean Better, Faster, Easier! PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Suck up 4 or more things at once with the Funk Vacuum.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement FeelinKrazy.png FeeLiN' KRaZy! PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Go into Panic Mode.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement TheJingleOfChange.png The Jingle Of Change PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Use some Coins.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement ShakeRattleAndFall.png Shake, Rattle, and Fall! PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Shake 5 presents out of a single tree.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement SorryIJustCan'tHelpMyself.png Sorry, I Just Can't Help Myself! PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Have a laughing fit.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement TreasuresJustOutOfSight.png Treasures Just Out Of Sight PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Use the Funk Scan.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement Can'tHideFromMe.png Can't Hide From Me! PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Find an Earthling hidden in a plant.
ToeJam&Earl2 Achievement ABigWetKiss.png A Big Wet Kiss PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Give a blowfish an underwater kiss
Totals: PlayStation Trophy Bronze.pngx9 PlayStation Trophy Silver.pngx2 PlayStation Trophy Gold.pngx1 

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

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