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Note that cheat passwords in this game are identified as "bogus", but function anyway.

Cheat mode

TJaEiPoF MD LevelSelect.png

TJaEiPoF MD FreeMovement.png

Enter !ME9ACHEAT! as a password. This will enable a level select and free movement modes when paused:

  • Pressing HOLD Down-leftA will let you select a level. Up and Down choose the level and A warps there. Level 18 is the ending; exactly which ending you will see is determined by adding a 1, 2 or 3 to the aforementioned password.
  • Pressing HOLD Up-rightA will enable free movement mode, where the D-Pad alters ToeJam or Earl's position and A continues normal play.

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Enter "TJ", "T0EJAM" or "EARL" as a password.

Cheat passwords

These passwords modify in-game behaviour. Some of these "special powers" can be obtained temporarily if the player finds Trixie in a level, but will be deactivated upon exit, whereas these password versions last for the entirety of the game.

Code Effect
PERQVACKY Infinite health
FL199LEFR1TZ Breathe underwater
-M1N9YEN- Infinite Super Jars
!!15778047!! Infinite Funk
NEVERNEVER Infinite Panic
--H00VER Infinite Funk Vacuum
-HAN9T1ME- Instant hight jump on bouncy fungus
!5T1CKYFEET Ride floating bubbles without falling off
!RAPMA5TER! Activate all cheats mentioned above, plus unlimited coins, double HP from food and double prizes. This code also gives you unlimited lives and slows down the time, which are not powers granted by Trixie.

Password messages

A number of special passwords trigger messages for people known by the developers:

"Hi Alison and Scott"

TJaEiPoF MD AlisonScott.png


"Hi Jamie and Anna"

TJaEiPoF MD JamieAnna.png


"Hi Mishi and Inigo"

TJaEiPoF MD MishiInigo.png


"Judith is aesthetically pleasing."

TJaEiPoF MD Judith.png


"Wha'sup Daniel"

TJaEiPoF MD Daniel.png


"Wha'sup David"

TJaEiPoF MD David.png


"Wha'sup Sean"

TJaEiPoF MD Sean.png



ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

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