Touch Striker

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Touch Striker
System(s): Arcade
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega AM2
Development timeframe: 2009[1]
Genre: Sports
Number of players: 1

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Touch Striker is an unreleased arcade game developed by Sega. It was demonstrated at Amusement Machine Show 2008[2] (where players would receive a commemorative whistle[3]) but never made it into full production.

As the name may suggest, Touch Striker was a football game controlled by touching a screen with a stylus. It was to be compatible with ALL.Net and support IC cards, allowing you to customise your team and record results[3].


In December 2012, Sega Corporation sued fellow Japanese game developer Level-5, claiming that its Inazuma Eleven series of football games infringed on the company's "touch screen football" patents established by Touch Striker. Level-5 noted that it had been releasing games in the series without issue since 2008, and ultimately, Sega's lawsuit seems to have not gone anywhere.[4]

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