Tough Turf

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Tough Turf
Publisher: Sunsoft (US), Sega (JP)
System(s): Sega System 16B
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (System 16)
¥? ?
Arcade (System 16)
$? ?

Tough Turf is a 1989 arcade beat-'em-up by Sega and Sunsoft for Sega System 16B hardware. It uses a Golden Axe-style projection. There are three buttons: one punches, one kicks, and one jumps. Pushing the punch and kick buttons simultaneously has you crouch to pick up weapons dropped by enemies.

Production credits

  • Director: Cho Musow
  • Program: A.T, Hac.F, Bg.Yama
  • Sound Program / Sound Compose: About.SS
  • Graphic Design: Ame, Sp.Taka, Minokamo.Sakoh
  • © Sunsoft/Sega 1989

Promotional material

Physical scans

System 16, US
ToughTurf System16 US Marquee.jpg
System 16, JP
ToughTurf System16 JP InstructionCard.jpg