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Hello, my name is Allison and I'm a Brazilian fan of Sega. If you need help translating stuff from Portuguese to English or vice-versa, feel free to contact me.


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Supergame scans

  • Issue 20: some pages are cutting
  • Issue 25: missing page 44
  • Issue 29: horribly scanned
  • Issue 32: no scans ever released so far

Pending manuals

  • Altered Beast (cardboard)

To check

  • Virtua Fighter 2 for R-Zone released in Brazil in 1996-10, RRP: 24.99 [1]
  • Consoles plus 31 covers the AOU Show 1994, pages 12-30[2]. Does anyone speak French?
  • This catalogue has some AU codes and RRP's to be added
    • Note: Pay attention to eventual unreleased games
  • Double check adverts in Supergame magazines
  • Double check BR SMS manuals
  • Amusement Life magazine: I don't understand anything in Japanese, if you do check this magazine
    • All issues seem to have over 100MB so I cannot copy them onto Retro CDN myself
  • Find out if Joyplus is an alt name of another controller
    • It seems to be a controller not listed anywhere
  • Credits: SMS and GG screenshots [3], YT gameplay lists [4]

(not all gameplay videos go up to the ending and not all endings show credits)

MK II - Finishing Moves

Commands listed below consider the perspective of the Player 1, if you are the Player 2 Left and Right buttons must be switched. It's also important to mention that Babality and Friendship only work if you do not use punches in the final round of a fight. Stage Fatality can be performed at the stages named Kombat Tomb and The Pit 2.

Kitana Scorpion Sub-Zero
  • Head Chop: BBBZ [C]
  • Kiss of Death: hold C, RightRightDownRight, release C [C]
  • Babality: DownDownDownC [C]
  • Friendship: hold B, DownDownDownUpC [C]
  • Stage Fatality: RightDownRightZ [C]
  • Fire: holdB, UpUpX, release B [C]
  • Slice: hold X, DownRightRightRight, release X [C]
  • "Toasty": hold B, DownDownUpUp, release B [C]
  • Babality: DownLeftLeftZ [C]
  • Friendship: LeftLeftDownZ [C]
  • Stage Fatality: DownRightRightB [C]
  • Deep Freeze: RightRightDownZ(2), RightDownRightRightX(1) [C]
  • Iceball: hold A, LeftLeftDownRight, release A(3) [C]
  • Babality: DownLeftLeftZ [C]
  • Friendship: LeftLeftDownZ [C]
  • Stage Fatality: DownDownRightRightB [C]
Raiden Mileena Liu Kang
  • Shock: hold C for 3s, release C(1), during the shocking C and B, alternately and rapidly [C]
  • Death Pentalty: hold X for 10s, release X(1) [C]
  • Babality: hold B, DownDownUpZ [C]
  • Friendship: DownLeftRightZ [C]
  • Stage Fatality: hold B, UpUpUpX [C]
  • Slice'n'Dice: RightLeftRightA(1) [C]
  • Man Eater: hold Z for 2s, release Z(1) [C]
  • Babality: DownDownDownZ [C]
  • Friendship: DownDownDownUpZ(2) [C]
  • Stage Fatality: RightDownRightC(1) [C]
  • Dragon Snack: DownRightLeftLeftZ [C]
  • Uppercut: hold B, LeftDown-leftDownDown-rightRightUp-rightUpUp-leftLeft [C]
  • Babality: DownDownRightLeftC [C]
  • Friendship: RightLeftLeftLeftC [C]
  • Stage Fatality: LeftLeftRightRightC [C]
Kung Lao Johnny Cage Jax
  • Split'em in Half: BRightRightRightC(2) [C]
  • Hat Throw: hold A, LeftLeftRight, release A(3) [C]
  • Babality: LeftLeftRightRightZ [C]
  • Friendship: LeftLeftLeftDownZ [C]
  • Stage Fatality: RightRightRightX [C]
  • Head Punch: RightRightDownUp(1) [C]
  • Triple Head Punch: RightRightDownUp, when the screen goes dark hold DownABC [C]
  • Torso Rip-off: DownDownRightRightA(1) [C]
  • Babality: LeftLeftLeftZ [C]
  • Friendship: DownDownDownDownZ [C]
  • Stage Fatality: DownDownDownZ [C]
  • The Clapper: hold A, RightRightRight, release A(1) [C]
  • Arm R.I.P: BBBBA(2) [C]
  • Babality: hold B, DownUpDownUpC [C]
  • Friendship: hold B, DownDownUpUpC [C]
  • Stage Fatality: hold B, UpUpDownC(1) [C]
Reptile Shang Tsung Baraka
  • Head Snack: LeftLeftDownA(2) [C]
  • Invisible Slice: hold B, UpUpDownXRightRightDownZ [C]
  • Babality: DownLeftLeftC [C]
  • Friendship: LeftLeftDownC [C]
  • Stage Fatality: DownDownRightRightB [C]
  • Inner Ear: hold Z+B for 2s, release Z+B(2) [C]
  • Soul Suck: hold B, UpDownUpC(1) [C]
  • Kintaro: hold A for at least 30s during the fight, finish the enemy and release A when "FINISH HIM/HER" appear(1) [C]
  • Babality: LeftRightDownZ [C]
  • Friendship: LeftLeftDownRightZ [C]
  • Stage Fatality: hold B, DownDownUp, release B, Down
  • Lift'em: hold B, LeftRightDownRightA [C]
  • Head Chop: hold B, LeftLeftLeftLeft, release B, X [C]
  • Babality: RightRightRightZ [C]
  • Friendship: hold B, UpUpRightRightZ [C]
  • Stage Fatality: RightRightDownZ [C]

(1) It must be done close to the enemy.
(2) It must be done at medium distance.
(3) It must be done far from the enemy.

Shang Tsung Morphs

Mega Drive (6 buttons) Mega Drive (3 buttons) Master System Game Gear
  • Liu Kang: LeftRightRightB
  • Kung Lao: LeftDownLeftZ
  • Johnny Cage: LeftLeftDownA
  • Reptile: hold B, UpDownX
  • Sub Zero: RightDownRightX
  • Kitana: BBB
  • Jax: DownRightLeftZ
  • Mileena: hold X 2s, release
  • Baraka: DownDownC
  • Scorpion: hold B, UpUp
  • Rayden: DownLeftRightC
  • Liu Kang:
  • Kung Lao:
  • Johnny Cage:
  • Reptile:
  • Sub Zero:
  • Kitana:
  • Jax:
  • Mileena:
  • Baraka:
  • Scorpion:
  • Rayden:
  • Liu Kang:
  • Reptile:
  • Sub Zero:
  • Kitana:
  • Jax:
  • Mileena:
  • Scorpion:
  • Liu Kang:
  • Reptile:
  • Sub Zero:
  • Kitana:
  • Jax:
  • Mileena:
  • Scorpion: