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Accessories cleanup

accessory manufacturer
Dreamcast Gun Sega
ASCII Mission Stick ASCII
Dream Pad Mad Catz
Dreamcast Controller Sega
Dance Dance Revolution Senyou Controller Konami
DC Densha de Go! Controller Taito
Fighting Stick
Visual Memory Unit Sega
Dreamcast third-party Visual Memory Units
Dreamcast Karaoke Sega
Dreamcast MIDI Interface Cable Sega
Dreamcast Modular Cable Sega
Dreamcast Microphone Sega
Dreamcast Mouse Sega
Race Controller Sega
Samba de Amigo Maracas Controller Sega
Dreamcast Twin Stick Sega
Dreamcast VGA Box Sega
Neo Geo Pocket/Dreamcast Setsuzoku Cable SNK
Dreameye Sega
Dreamcast third-party controllers
Dreamcast third-party Jump Packs
Broadband Adapter Sega
Fishing Controller Sega
Dreamcast Arcade Stick Sega
Panther DC Mad Catz
Enforcer Topmax
Action Replay CDX Datel, InterAct (US), Karat (JP)
Massive Memory Card Plus InterAct, Karat (JP)
4x Memory Card Sega
AstroPad Performance, InterAct, GameShark
Alloy Arcade Stick Recoton (InterAct)
Quantum FighterPad Recoton (InterAct)
Dream Shock 3D2, Pelican Accessories
Controller Plus Joytech
DC Commander Nyko
Action Pad (Skream) Skream
Dream Blaster Mad Catz
REAL Arcade Stick Innovation
DC-6 Competition Pro
Dream Master Nyko, Innovation, ActiLink, Topmax
Color Jolt Pad Innovation
Rally 2 Racing Wheel Pelican Accessories
DC Twin Joystick Blaze
DC Mini Twin Stick Blaze
Power Fighter Nuby
Dreamcast Check-GD Sega
Pop'n Controller Konami
Dreamcast Keyboard Sega
MP3 DC Blaze
Total Control Plus EMS, Karat (JP)
Double Power EMS, Innovation
Total Control EMS
Total Control 2 EMS, Karat (JP)
Total Control 3 EMS, Karat (JP)
Total Control 5 EMS
Dreamcast Dev.Box Sega
Dreamcast GD-ROM Duplicator Sega
GD-Writer Sega
Controller Box Sega
Dev.Cas Sega
Sound Box Sega
C1/C2 Checker Sega
DC Tsunaident 123 Gametech, Skillz
Dream Pad (High Frequency) High Frequency (Mad Catz)
Dream Shark Intec, Yobo Gameware, Topmax
Advanced Controller Naki
Super Converter 3 Dragoncast
Analog Controller Thrustmaster
DC Control Pad Xi Gear
DC Pad-8801
StarFire LightBlaster InterAct, Karat (JP)
Fission Fishing Controller InterAct
Rumble Rod Mad Catz
Stinger Pelican Accessories
Dream Wheel InterAct
MC2 Racing Wheel Mad Catz
V3FX Racing Wheel InterAct
Concept 4 Racing Wheel InterAct
Jump Pack Sega
Controller (200 Toy) 200 Toy
DC Cooling Fan XiGear, Hais
Scart Cable (Dreamcast) Sega
RF Adapter (Dreamcast) Sega
Dreamcast Taisen Cable Sega
Dreamcast Onsei Setsuzoku Cable Sega
Dream Connection 2 in 1 Skillz
DC Gun XiGear
Cyber Metal Gun Dragoncast
DC Mini Gun Hais
K.O. Fighting Pad 3D2
Rumble Fighting Stick Dragoncast
Code Breaker (Dreamcast) Pelican Accessories (US), Blaze (EU)
Stormega X Topway
Storage Rack Big Ben Interactive
Hook-Up Bass Topway
Dreamcast third-party miscellaneous accessories
MP3 DC Audio Player Pelican Accessories
Pro Carry Case Blaze
DC X-Terminator Gametech
Dreamphone Sega
Dreamcast Controller Function Checker Sega
Sega Dreamcast Carrying Case
Dreamcast Modular Enchou Cable Sega
Dreamcast S Tanshi Cable Sega
Dreamcast Stereo AV Cable Sega
Mouse (Topway) Topway
Dream Station Logic 3
Dreamcast Modem Sega
Graphic Kit for Dreamcast Promo Video
Racing Wheel (Thrustmaster) Thrustmaster
The Official Jordan Racing Wheel Joytech
Dream Connection II Innovation
Bleemcast! Bleem!
Internet Starter Kit Sega
Sega Dreamcast Storage System/CD Wallet
Dreamcast third-party maracas controllers
2 Player X-Adapter
Vzlomshchik Kodov (Dreamcast) Simba's Video Games
Nexus Simba's Video Games
CD Loader Simba's Video Games
Game Guru Gold 1 Simba's Video Games
Game Guru 2 Simba's Video Games
Game Guru 4 Simba's Video Games
Memory Card (Simba's) Simba's Video Games
Dream Card Topway
StrikerDC Retro Fighters
MODE Terra Onion
Wingman Converter SD Brook, Columbus Circle
PS3/PS4 to Dreamcast Super Converter Brook

Phantasy Star credits

  • Reverse Engineering, Translation to Portuguese: Claudio Oyamagushi, Maurício Guerta, Marcelo Caiado

Magazines' notes

Too lazy to register in NEC Retro and stuff are different in Sonic Retro, so just taking notes for now.

NEC Retro

Sonic Retro

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear) [3]
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega-CD) [4]
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (LCD) [5]
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive, Mega-CD rumors) [4][6]
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 [1][7]
  • Sonic 3D [8]
  • Sonic Drift [9]
  • Sonic Spinball [10]
  • Sonic the Comic [11][12]
  • Clothes (in fact, regarding "Sega characters" not just Sonic) [12]

Interviews and stuff

Magazines' notes refs


Multi-game is an arcade machine with multiple Sega's versions of 16-bit games. It was created and released by JBN Electronics (João Barassal Neto), Sega's official arcades' distributor in Brazil in the 1990s[1]. Multi-game featured a 14" screen, a total of 21 games and the price was around 3,000 USD[2].

List of games

Multi-game refs

Unreleased, Protos, Betas etc

  • Nyuushi Chokuzen Check: Nanmon Kimon Kiki Kaikai (入試直前 チェック 難問奇問 危機解快); Note: It appears separated in the title screen
    • ©1995 ウイネット (We Net), MANVO
    • ビワ9一工ン9テインメン卜
    • SDC
    • Programed by J9-TAG and DEM 1999/04/04
    • (C)T194 1995.APL
    • GM T-19401J00
  • Converse City Ball Tour screenshots in SuperGamePower issue 016, page 15
  • Not exactly related but worth it translating, plus that first photo... [1]
  • Shadow of Atlantis preview in Ação Games issue 075, page 17
  • Sega Neptune preview in Ação Games issue 076, page 10
  • Ecco Jr. ("32X CD" version, seen in CES 1995 apparently) preview in SuperGamePower issue 011, page 16
  • João Manoel Quadros Barros said in a interview ("Jogos 80" magazine issue 14) that Tectoy developed a fully working Saturn browser (name not mentioned, no images or anything unfortunately), which ended up not released.
    • He also said that they made a "Tectoy's Duke Nukem" (just for fun/only for themselves of course), on which the map was the company itself and the enemies were the workers (this is mostly for a trivia/curiosities section or something, maybe?).

Unreleased, Protos, Betas etc refs

Prices of BR releases

Brazil had four different currencies between 1989 and nowadays, making it difficult to add the price of anything released prior 1994-07. No idea if the information below may be useful at all, but let's go on:

  • From 1989-01-16 to 1990-03-15 — Name: Cruzado Novo / Symbol: NCz$
  • From 1990-03-16 to 1993-07-30 — Name: Cruzeiro / Symbol: Cr$ / Value: remained the same
  • From 1993-08-01 to 1994-06-30 — Name: Cruzeiro Real / Symbol: CR$ / Value: 3 less zeroes (Example: Cr$ 500,000.00 = CR$ 500.00)
  • From 1994-07-01 on — Name: Real / Symbol: R$ / Value: at the time it changed CR$ 2,700.00 = R$ 1.00

The Master System was released in 1989-09 (NCz$), the Mega Drive in 1990-11 (Cr$), Game Gear 1991-09 (Cr$), Saturn in 1995-05 (R$) and Dreamcast in 1999-10 (R$). Note that SMS stuff will have prices listed with three different currencies, MD and GG two, and the others are no problem.

Master System releases in Brazil

Note: I typed the titles exactly how they are seen in magazines, catalogues etc.

1989 Releases

The following games were already set for release together with the console in 1989, though not all of them were available right away. They were already listed in the catalogue poster which came with the very first Brazilian version of the SMS. I still gotta find the newspaper(s) and possibly re-watch some interviews with Stefano Arnhold (Tectoy's former vice-president and later president) for actual proof. It's also worth to note that all of these games were released in cardboard, lacking the model number (some of them were later re-released in clamshells, with the model number informed).

Releases between 1989-09 and 1990-10

This comes from issue 17-A (pages 48-49) of A Semana em Ação - Games (which would later become Ação Games). There weren't magazines focused on videogames In Brazil before this one, so this may be useful to at least estimate when these were released.

Listed in the 1989 catalogue

These are most likely confirmed to have been released in 1989, between September 24 (console launch date) and December 31.

Not listed in the 1989 catalogue

These were most likely released through the whole year of 1990, since the magazine dates from December.

* The same mag says (p. 51-55) it had been released outside BR and was coming soon; plus the generalized "Mickey Mouse" title tells me it wasn't for sale. Ação Games 01 (1991-05) speaks about the release and VideoGame 03 (also 1991-05) has it in its section that mixes new releases with hints and cheats, which is hella confusing but kind of helps to confirm the correct date.

Mortal Kombat II Gameplay

The game is compatible with the six button controller, though it must be activated in the options menu. A and X are assigned for low and high punches, respectively, and X and Z for low and high kicks, also respectively. B and Y are used for blocking; Start pauses the game. With the three button controller, the commands are: A low punch, B low kick, Start block (this makes things much harder), (Left or Right)+A high punch and C high kick.

In the 8-bit versions 1 punches and 2 kicks (with no distinction of "low" and "high" blows) and blocking is performed with 1+2 in the Master System version, and Start in the Game Gear version.

Special Moves

Note: Assumes the player is standing, facing right. If facing left, Left and Right should be reversed.
I take way too much space!
Name Command
Grab & Smack Right Right AAAAA
Wave Punch Right Down Left Z
Ground Slam B
Repeated Body Slams A XXXXX
Earthquake HOLD C4s
Fan Lift Left Left Left X
Fan Toss Right Right X+A
Deep Cut HOLD LeftX
Flying Punch Right Down Left A
Liu Kang
Bike Kick HOLD C5s
Flying Kick Right Right Z
High Fireball Right Right X
Low Fireball Right Right A
Roll Ball Left Left Down Z
Drop Kick Right Right C
Sai Toss HOLD X2s
Acid Spit Right Right X
Slide HOLD LeftC+Z
Energy Ball Left Left X+A
Invisibility HOLD BUp Up Down X
Take Down Right Down Left C
Air Throw Up B
Teleport Down Left X
Spear Left Left A
Shang Tsung
Fireball Left Left X
Double Fireball Left Left Right X
Triple Fireball Left Left Right Right X
Freeze Down Right A
Slide HOLD LeftC+Z
Ground Ice Down Left C
Shredder Left Left Left A
Sweep Kick HOLD LeftC
Spark Toss Down Left X
Deep Cut HOLD LeftX
Johnny Cage
Low Green Flame Left Down Right A
High Green Flame Right Down Left X
Rising Punch Left Down Left X
Groin Punch A+B
Shadow Kick Left Right C
Kung Lao
Spin Shield HOLD BUp Up CCCCC
Teleport Down Up
Flying Kick Up Up Down Z
Hat Toss Left Right A, optionally Up/Down
Lightning Down Right A
Teleport Down Up
Shock Therapy HOLD X3s
Torpedo Left Left Right