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Fast facts on the Dreameye
Manufacturer: Sega
Made for: Sega Dreamcast
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Dreamcast
¥14,800 (15,540)[1] HKT-4301

The Dreameye (ドリームアイ) was a digital camera released for the Dreamcast home video console by Sega. It was designed to be used as a webcam and a digital still camera, and there were plans for games to involve the Dreameye. The Dreameye was only released in Japan. It came with the Divers 2000 Dreamcast and was also sold separately.

The Dreameye came with a microphone headset, a stand, batteries, software, a cable to connect the Dreameye to the Dreamcast and a Dreameye microphone plug card. The Dreameye took pictures at (for the time) an astounding 3 megapixels, but in order to send them via e-mail the pictures in question had to be first saved to a Dreamcast memory card. Upon transferring the pictures off the card they resized to a resolution of 320px by 240px.



The Dreameye concept has lived on in such products as the Eye Toy and PlayStation Eye, for Sony's PS2 and PS3 respectively, and Microsoft's own Live Vision camera.

Physical scans

Dreamcast, JP
Dreameye DC JP Box Top.jpg
Dreameye DC JP Box Spine.jpgDreameye DC JP Box Front.jpgDreameye DC JP Box Spine2.jpg
Dreameye DC JP Box Bottom.jpg

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