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Truxton MDTitleScreen.png
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Sega
Original system(s): Arcade boards
Publisher(s) of original games: Taito
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥6,000 G-4020
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
DM ?
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
$? ?
Sega Mega Drive
R$? ?
Sega Mega Drive
₩? GM4001JG

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Truxton, released in Japan as Tatsujin (達人, translates to "Master" as in "mastery"), is a 1988 arcade shoot-'em-up developed by Toaplan, ported to the Mega Drive in 1989. It remains to be the closest home release until today.


The Gidans have begun an invasion of the Borogo and have managed to destroy all but one Borogo fighter ship; the player must take control of this ship (the "Super Fighter") and defeat the Gidans.


A shoots, C shoots rapidfire, and B launches a bomb (which resembles a full screen size skull when exploding; you have a limited supply of these).


Powerups are mostly found in predetermined areas, though some may be scattered. There are a number of types of powerups:

Truxton Red Powerup.png
Power Shot
The default weapon of the Super Fighter. It is a standard bullet shot, upgradable to create spread shots. The final upgrade is a new circular shot weapon not present in the arcade version.
Truxton Green Powerup.png
Tatsujin Beam/Truxton Beam
The strongest weapon in the game, capable of cutting straight through enemies. The downside is that it can only fire forwards.
Truxton Blue Powerup.png
Thunder Laser
A continuous beam of energy that locks on to enemy targets. Upgrading adds more beams and increases the strength.
Truxton P Powerup.png
Power Booster
These powerups add a "P" to the HUD on the right side of the screen. After a certain number of Ps are collected (initially 5), your weapons power up one level. This powering up will last until you lose a life, but will carry over from weapon to weapon until then. There are three "levels" of upgrades.
Truxton S Powerup.png
Speed Booster
Increases the speed of your ship. There are five levels of speed - collecting these items after your ship is maxed out will grant the player 5000 points.
Truxton B Powerup.png
Tatsujin Bomb/Destroyer Bomb
Adds a bomb to your arsenal. Bombs destroy all small enemies on screen and evaporate enemy bullets. They can also significantly damage bosses. Unlike in the arcade release, this one covers the whole screen.


Though the American (and others?) manual suggests each asteroid graphic (there are eight) is a separate level, Truxton is correctly divided into five stages; each has its own musical theme and stage boss (which have their own musical theme).

Truxton BlueAsteriod.png Stage 1
Notavailable.svg Stage 2
Notavailable.svg Stage 3
Notavailable.svg Stage 4
Notavailable.svg Stage 5

Tips and tricks

  • There is a damage related bug in the game: pausing while the skull bomb effect is on screen makes it cause more damage.


This port is unusual in that it appears to be written for PAL specs; the overall speed of the game, music and sound effects, etc, greatly resemble the arcade version when played at 50 FPS.

Despite the small ROM size and plenty of screen filling enemies, almost all graphics in this game are stored in an uncompressed state.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English (US) Truxton Truxton
Japanese Tatsujin (達人)

Production credits

  • Staff: T. Ohta, M. Yuge, K. Iwabuchi, S. Nakaoka, N. Sawada, Y. Tataka
  • Cast: Tatsuo, Lilin, Jtank, Badron, Gulus, Dosvam, Dogurava
© Toaplan 1988
© Sega 1989

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

GamePro US 010.pdfGamePro US 010.pdf

Print advert in GamePro (US) #10: "May 1990" (1990-xx-xx)

CG GR 3 Mega Drive advert.jpg

Print advert in Computer Games (GR) #3: "Ioúnios 1990" (1990-xx-xx)

ACE UK 37.pdfACE UK 37.pdf

Print advert in ACE (UK) #37: "October 1990" (1990-xx-xx)
also published in:

BeepMD JP 1989-11.pdf

Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1989-11: "November 1989" (1989-XX-XX)

Physical scans

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80 [7]
66 [8]
75 №8.10, p18[9]
92 №2, p23
82 [10]
94 [11]
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77 [13]
78 №5, p95
88 №1, p65
82 [14]
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85 [3]
88 [16]
80 [17]
88 [18]
46 №18, p68
84 №18, p68
87 [19]
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Mega Drive, US
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