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Blaze Europe
Founded: 1993-09[1]
Defunct: 2015
Unit 15, Shaw Wood Business Park, Shaw Wood Way, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 5TB, United Kingdom[2]

Blaze Europe Ltd. was a British producer of video game accessories, and related merchandise.

The origins of Blaze Europe lie in a company founded as Steadybrave Ltd. in September 1993, which within a month had been renamed Fire International Ltd.. Fire International made its business importing video game consoles, games and accessories from Asia into Europe, but was soon selling its own products under the "Blaze" brand[1]. In 1997 Hong Kong company Super UFO purchased a controlling stake in Fire International (which had been distributing is products in the UK)[3].

In 2008, the Blaze side of the business was split becoming Blaze Europe, which existed until 2015 when the company went into liquidation.

Blaze was also responsible for the distribution of products manufactured by AtGames, including Sega Mega Drive consoles licensed by Sega.

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