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ErazerMP5 Saturn.jpg
Erazer MP5
Made for: Sega Saturn, PlayStation
Manufacturer: Blaze (EU), Gametech (JP)
Type: Light gun
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Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn

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Erazer MP5, known as the Erazer Gun in Japan, is a light gun compatible with both the Sega Saturn and PlayStation. Its origins are currently unknown, however it was distributed by Blaze in Europe and Gametech in Japan. As the name implies, the Erazer MP5 is modeled after the Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun.

Two versions of the Erazer are known to exist, one in black, and one with a green/brown camouflage texture.

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Saturn, JP
ErazerGun Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
Saturn, EU (green/brown)
ErazerMp5 Saturn EU Box Front.jpg
Saturn, EU (black)
ErazerMP5 Saturn EU Box Top Black.jpg
ErazerMP5 Saturn EU Box Back Black.jpgErazerMP5 Saturn EU Box Spine Black.jpgErazerMp5 Saturn EU black front.jpgErazerMP5 Saturn EU Box Spine2 Black.jpg
ErazerMP5 Saturn EU Box Bottom Black.jpg


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