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Naki Action Pad.jpg
Control Pad
Made for: Sega Saturn
Manufacturer: Naki
Type: Control pad
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn

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Control Pad by Naki is a third-party controller for the Sega Saturn. Other than different styling it is a bog-standard controller which functions no differently than the official model. Both black and white variants exist. There is an another version of the Control Pad with a more "classic" shell, that have audio/video player functions.


Physical scans

Saturn, (black)

Saturn, (white)
ControlPadNaki Saturn Box Back White.jpgNospine.pngControlPadNaki Saturn Box Front White.jpg
Saturn, (white; alt)
ControlPadNaki Saturn Box Front.jpg
Saturn, Classic shell
NakiControlPad MD Controller box back.jpgNakiControlPad MD Controller box front.jpg


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