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SBom Joycard
Made for: Sega Saturn
Manufacturer: Hudson Soft
Type: Control pad
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Sega Saturn

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The SBom Joycard (エスボン ジョイカード) is a third-party Sega Saturn controller developed and manufactured by Hudson Soft. Constructed with a distinctive Bomberman-themed shell and frequently bundled with Saturn Bomberman and the SBom Multitap, it was released exclusively in Japan in 1996. The controller boasts nine turbo switches which are able to achieve a maximum of 26 presses per second, and features a special "Hu Position" switch which unlocks hidden content in select Hudson Soft games.

Hu Position

By switching the controller's center switch to "Hu Position", players can unlock hidden content in a number of Hudson Soft games. This is achieved by the game software checking for a certain set of button inputs which the Hu Position switch enables (generally a series of fast, repetitive button-taps), although some games' features can be unlocked by simply rapid-firing any Saturn controller as fast as possible at the intended screen.

List of compatible games

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Magazine articles

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Physical scans

Saturn, JP
SBomJoycard JP Box Top.png
Saturn HC-735 box-2.jpgSBomJoycard JP Box Spine.pngSBomJoycard JP Box Front.jpgSBomJoycard JP Box Spine 2.png
SBomJoycard Sat JP Manual.pdf
SBomJoycard JP warningcard.png
Warning card


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