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Saturn Bomberman Fight!!
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (16 tracks)
Peripherals supported: 6Player, SBom Joycard[1]
Genre: Action[2][3][4]

Number of players: 1-4[4]
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,8005,800[4] T-14321G
Sega Rating: All Ages

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Saturn Bomberman Fight!! (サターンボンバーマン ファイト!!) is an entry in the Bomberman series of games, released exclusively for the Sega Saturn in Japan.

Despite its name it is not a direct sequel to Saturn Bomberman, though like most other Bomberman games, the gameplay is very similar. Saturn Bomberman Fight!! is unusual in that the game is played in an isometric perspective, with a stronger focus on the standard Bomberman battle mode. Characters can now jump over obstacles and throw bombs without the need for powerups, and each character has health meter which is subtracted from whenever they are hit. It also features more voice acting than in previous titles, which may explain why the game never made it to the western world.


The Bomber Tournament is held every four years, and it's just about to begin. The victor has the honour of being declared a true Bomber fighter, but also the chance of being granted a wish by the tournament's symbol: a goddess statue that represents aspiration. And thus, a group of combatants with hope in their hearts have assembled yet again.

JP manual[5]


Game modes

  • Story Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Survival Mode


Shirobon (しろボン)
A protector of peace and justice who fights night and day. Light-hearted and passionate, he's often reckless in his role of serving out justice. Having beat the Hige Hige Bandits and Bagular, he was taking it easy. Then, one day, he received a letter. It was an advertisement for the "Bomber Tournament", a contest of the strongest bomb warriors in the world, and requested his participation. "I've had the courage to defeat evil for the wellbeing of the world; I can't say no to a competition!" thought Shiro, and so he and his comrade, Kuro, made their way to the Bomber Convention.[6]
Kurobon (くろボン)
A powerful fighter fuelled by the spirit of rivalry, though Shirobom treats him like he would a second son. Shirobom's backup leader. Although he joined the tournament with Shirobom, Kurobom was not as at-ease as his partner. "There's bound to be baddies taking part in the tourney... who's to say the event organiser isn't a baddie too?" The reckless Shirobom saw nothing wrong, but if there were traps lying ahead, someone had to watch his back for him! Kurobom was concerned about the tournament, but wouldn't know why unless he took part.[7]
Honey (ハニー)
Kotetsu (小鉄)
Baguro (バグロォ)
Combatant #12 (戦闘員12号)
Golem Bomber (ゴーレムボンバー)
Pegi Jr. (ペギーJr.)
Radibom (ラジボン)
Puipui (ぷいぷい)
Mami (まみ)
Lewysia (レウィシア)
Denta (伝太)
Pump (パンプ)
Dural (デラル)
Unlocked after completing Story Mode.


Items are found in soft blocks. Items are indestructible - bombing them will just bounce them around. Bludgeoning an enemy with a bomb by some means (kicking it, throwing it, etc) will knock one item out of them, including expired Mystery Panels.

Fire Up (ファイヤーアップ)
Extends blast radius by 1 tile.
Bomb Up (ボムアップ)
Increases bomb stock by 1.
White Horse (ホワイトホース)
A goofy-looking steed players can ride. It increases movement speed and bomb-throwing strength, and can erase bombs on the battlefield by walking into them. However, the White Horse cannot double-jump. If hit by a bomb or explosion, the player will be knocked off but take no damage (they remain temporarily invincible until they land), and the White Horse will scamper to another part of the map and sit still, where it can be rode again. You cannot dismount the White Horse any other way. There is only one White Horse per map, found in a random soft block. When the match enters Sudden Death, the White Horse will disappear.
Mystery Panel (? パネル)
Afflicts whoever collects it with a random power-up or ailment. Positive afflictions are marked with light-blue icons; negative ones have dark-blue icons. Except for the Super Deca-Bomb, the item's effect will expire after 15 seconds, but can be removed by riding the White Horse or replaced by picking up another Mystery Panel. Afflictions include:
  • Super Deca-Bomb (超デカ爆): Immediately awards you a powered-up bomb, with a blast radius larger than the vanilla Deca-Bomb.
  • Line Bomb (連爆): When you lay a bomb, all your bombs will be laid forward in a line. Can be ideal for stunning opponents.
  • Tower Bomb (縦連爆): When you lay a bomb, all your bombs will be laid on top of each other in a stack. Can be ideal for kicking at foes.
  • Max Flame (火力MAX): Increases bomb blast radius to 8 tiles.
  • Swift (駿足): Increases movement speed to maximum.
  • Hasty (せっかち): Decreases bomb detonation time to 0.5 seconds.
  • No Jumping (ジャンプ不能): Removes the ability to jump.
  • Geta (ゲタ): Decreases movement speed to the slowest possible.
  • Little Flame (チョビ火): Shortens bomb blast radius to 2 tiles.
  • Reverse (リバース): Reverses movement controls.


Standard (いつもの)
It may look like your standard arena, but with the ability to jump there's so many options at your disposal! The CPU tend to converge in one lane and fill it with bombs; whether you want to avoid that or pile onto it is up to you.
Palace of War (戦火の宮殿)
A fairly open arena with a pit in the centre. The nooks between the slopes are an ideal place to trap panicking foes with a Deca-Bomb.
Gathering In The Flowers (お花畑でごいっしょに)
The inverse of Palace of War, with an elevated centre and pits in the corners. The soft blocks do a good job at tripping up CPU foes, so try and keep them around.
Cherish Nature! (自然を大切にね!)
One of the more involved stages, with slopes, a bridge and numerous inviting nooks and crannies. Be careful of the campfire, you don't want to get stuck in it when a bomb's going off!
The Nameless Castle (名もなき古城)
A pyramid-shaped arena with one corner obscured by the camera. This is a tricky arena to fight on, as the slopes mean it's hard to tell where bomb blasts are coming from, and whether or not they'll fly over your head.
Welcome to Southern Island (サザンアイランドへようこ)
A contest for the upper sections; kicking and throwing bombs at foes below is a cinch from up there, and it's easy to wipe out the enire competition with a single Deca-Bomb if everyone is below.
Desert Skirmish (荒野の攻防)
Despite the high-rise slopes, most fights with the CPU take place in the corners of the staircases.
Floating Castle Fort (浮遊城の砦)
A bomb-thrower's paradise. Get acquainted with jumping if you want to navigate quickly, especially if a Deca-Bomb's detonating!
From The North Country... (北の国から…)
The dip at the bottom is good hiding spot from bombs; any explosions coming from the top of the slopes will usually fly right over your head.
Showdown! (決戦!)
A totally flat, featureless arena. Geometry can't save you now!
Bonus Zone 1 (おまけその1)
An inverted pyramid with barely any stable ground. The CPU get hung up on geometry here a lot!
Bonus Zone 2 (おまけその2)
A flat plane with a winding staircase on its border; fight for the higher ground!
Bonus Zone 3 (おまけその3)
An empty dip. Bomb blasts will often soar over players' heads.


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Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

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Technical information

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ROM dump status

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Sega Saturn
600,209,232 1997-10-27 CD-ROM (JP) T-14321G V1.000

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