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Fast facts on the ASCII Saturn Stick
Manufacturer: ASCII
Made for: Sega Saturn
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥? ASC-0602C
Sega Saturn
$44.95[1] 5840

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The ASCII Saturn Stick, known as the ASCII Fighter Stick X in Japan, is a third-party arcade stick manufactured by ASCII for the Sega Saturn.

A white version with red buttons was released alongside Street Fighter Zero 2 in Japan.

Photo gallery

Physical scans

Saturn, US
ASCIISaturnStick Saturn US Box Front.jpg
Saturn, JP
FighterStickX Saturn JP Box Top.jpg
FighterStickX Saturn JP Box Back.jpgFighterStickX Saturn JP Box Spine.jpgFighterStickX Saturn JP Box Front.jpgFighterStickX Saturn JP Box Spine2.jpg
Saturn, JP (Street Fighter Zero 2)
FighterStickX Saturn JP Box Back SFZ2.jpgNospine-small.pngASCII Fighter Stick X Zero2 JP Box Front.jpg


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