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Dreamcast Check-GD
Manufacturer: Sega
Made for: Sega Dreamcast
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Sega Dreamcast
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The Dreamcast Check-GD is a piece of development hardware for the Sega Dreamcast, used by Sega of America (and possibly other regions). The Check-GD is used as a way of testing the Dreamcast hardware - it runs a diagnostic check on the system and identifies any problems with the console.

The Check-GD comes in two parts - a disc which is placed inside of the Dreamcast console (which contains all the code for running the test), and an adaptor which plugs into the Dreamcast's serial port, which can be used to flash a replacement BIOS onto the system, theoretically solving some of the possible problems. The disc refuses to boot without the adaptor inserted, even if the system is not connected to a computer as originally intended. The Check-GD tests all aspects of the hardware, curiously using art from Sonic Jam and music from the Japanese version of Sonic CD while doing so.

Check-GDs were not sold to the general public, and were unlikely to be used outside of Sega's testing facilities.

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