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Double Power
Manufacturer: EMS, Innovation
Made for: Sega Dreamcast
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Sega Dreamcast
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The Double Power is a third-party accessory for the Sega Dreamcast, or rather, Dreamcast Visual Memory Units. It was created by EMS, but the design was also used by Innovation at some point. It is a small device shaped like a Dreamcast, though instead of having controller ports or a lid, it has two VMU ports on either side.

The Double Power is a method of transferring VMU save data between devices. It's primary function is to copy the contents of one "source" VMU to a "target" VMU, which it can do as a stand-alone device powered either through an A/C power supply or via four AA batteries. Typically the Double Power isn't used for this function, however, as the Dreamcast console can take care of save transfers between VMUs.

The Double Power is notable for is its ability to connect to a computer, and with the help of software, its ability to allow the user to manage saves that way. Theoretically this means you can download save data from the internet and transfer it to a VMU, whether that be traditional saves or even homebrew games.


Physical scans

Dreamcast, (EMS)
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Dreamcast, (Innovation)
DoublePower DC Box Front Innovation.jpg

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