DC Cooling Fan

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DCCoolingFan DC.jpg
DC Cooling Fan
Manufacturer: XiGear, Hais
Type: Miscellaneous
Made for: Sega Dreamcast
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Sega Dreamcast

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DC Cooling Fan is a third-party accessory released by XiGear for the Sega Dreamcast. As the name suggests it is an external fan used prevent a Dreamcast from overheating.


Little is currently understood about the DC Cooling Fan. It likely blocks some external ports and needs its own power supply, and will likely not function with Dreamcasts which differ from the normal design, e.g. the Divers 2000 Dreamcast or the Treamcast.

Overheating can be a problem for any console, particularly those running in warmer climates, although the Dreamcast is known to fare better than some of its competitors in these situations. More often it is the laser assembly for reading discs, or situations regarding the power supply that typically fail on a Dreamcast console.

Physical scans

Dreamcast, (XiGear)
DCCoolingFan DC Box Front.jpg
Dreamcast, (Hais)


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