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"Não há vida no frio, na escuridão. Aqui, no vazio, só há morte."

I'm Portuguese... and a humble contributor to this wiki... my age 35... "I WAS THERE"....


Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden MD Portuguese Cover

The VHS tape that "inspired" ECOFILMES :

and the tv commercial...

Some Portuguese curiosities

Clube Sega Portugal: ... sorry... just in Portuguese...


Just a cool tribute/fan page that i discovered before joining Retro about ToeJam & Earl... is no big deal ... i just want to share it with you Folks... if you want me to remove it, just order it ... and I'll remove it immediatly. Here

In Memoriam

Lithos Video Club

(Agente Autorizado SEGA = SEGA Authorized Agent / Retailer)

Requiescat In Pace

All Portuguese Sega Stuff (covers, manuals , scans, Ecofilmes game codes, console boxes,etc) uploaded by Asagoth, Courtesy of

My Portuguese fellow User:Toze3 ... all credits go to him ...