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I think by now I've got this whole 'title' thing figured out. Spines, packaging in general, and pretty much any marketing material must be considered after the game itself, obviously. If the game is vague and you happen to find something in said marketing material that clarifies it all, that should be valid.

This is why I keep going on about Chaotix; the overseas marketing team clearly felt that updating the game to match was pointless. Obviously, we override that! These boxes or flyers are not "Chaotix, the game". As for the subtitle, I'm not sure how to handle it yet; it's reasonable to say "oh, a logo-only graphic", until you have a look at the Japanese packaging from which this is all sourced, except with that in mind said packaging bears a small part of what would be the larger in-game subtitle, and... yeah. Marketing.

And even after all of this, that marketing is still a lot more valid than using made-up things simply because that made-up information is used by 'everyone' (only being used by 'everyone' because it was 'forced' upon them).