Virtua Fighter (32X prototype; 1995-05-30)

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Virtua Fighter (32X prototype; 1995-05-30)
Prerelease of: Virtua Fighter
System: Sega 32X
Build date: 1995-05-30
Source: CD-R disc
Found by: drx

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The 1995-05-30 build of Virtua Fighter is a prototype build of Virtua Fighter for the Sega 32X. It was released by drx during the February 23rd, 2008 proto release.

While the core fighting gameplay is seemingly complete in this build of the game, only the Arcade and Vs modes have been implemented and extra layers of polish are missing. Only one in-game music track exists (Jacky's stage), which plays for every fight, and the computer is much easier to beat than the final game's default.


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Region coding

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