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32X version

Extra options

VirtuaFighter 32X ExtraOptions.png

On the title screen, perform three circular motions on the D-Pad in one direction, then two in the opposing direction. Each circle will produce a punching sound, and when completed, the announcer will say "K.O.". This will add three extra options to the option screen, which can be seen by scrolling down below the "Exit" option.

Play as Dural

VirtuaFighter 32X DuralSelect.png

With the cursor hovering over Akira in the player select screen, press LeftRightLeftRightLeftRightLeftRightLeftRight.

Extra colours


Normally selecting a character with A, B or C makes no difference to the colour of their clothes. However, a further six colours can be accessed by holding either Up or Down while pressing A, B or C.


Virtua Fighter
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