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Model 1 version

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As the rolling demo plays, hold either Player 1 or Player 2  START  buttons. If kept held, a few pages of credits will appear.

Unused characters

Several unfinished characters exist in the game, all with a very basic moveset and some attacks copied from other characters:


VirtuaFighter Model1 Majido1.png

VirtuaFighter Model1 Majido2.png

VirtuaFighter Model1 Majido3.png

The most infamous of the scrapped Virtua Fighter cast, "Majido Ab Dul", also known as "Shiiba" was replaced with Akira at what appears to be very late in development, so much so that his portrait appears on some arcade cabinets. This is the only character who would officially see the light of day, becoming "Siba" (and given a sword) in the Sega Saturn game, Fighters Megamix.


VirtuaFighter Model1 Jeff1.png

VirtuaFighter Model1 Jeff2.png

VirtuaFighter Model1 Jeff3.png

"Jeff", or "Jeffery Buckman" is a military type likely named after Virtua Fighter designer, Jeffery Buchanan. His first name was recycled for Jeffry (who spent much of the game's development as "Willie"), but the character himself was axed early on.

With director Seiichi Ishii moving to Namco to work on Tekken, it is speculated that this character design may have been recycled for its fighter, Jack.

Akira (Ryuzaki)

VirtuaFighter Model1 OldAkira1.png

VirtuaFighter Model1 OldAkira2.png

VirtuaFighter Model1 OldAkira3.png

An earlier, angrier-looking Akira with a different surname. The character was given a redesign, but this prototype version still exists in code.


VirtuaFighter Model1 Others1.png

VirtuaFighter Model1 Others2.png

An unknown fighter that breaks Virtua Fighter tradition by having three outfits instead of two.

Saturn version

Show credits

VirtuaFighter Saturn IntroCredits.png

As the rolling demo plays, hold A+B+C. If kept held, a few pages of credits will appear.

Unlock ranking mode

On the title screen, press HOLD Down-right+C+Y+L+R START .

Play as Dural

VirtuaFighter Saturn US Dural.png

With the cursor hovering over Akira in the player select screen, press Down Up Right Left+A. A sound should play if successful, and while the portrait will still be Akira's, once the game starts, Dural will be selected.


VirtuaFighter Saturn Option+.png

On the title screen, press Up 12 times, then go to the options screen, where the announcer should say "K.O.". Scroll down to exit, press Down so that you're highlighting an unseen menu, then press a button; this will open "Options+", which lets you select a stage and adjust the ring size.

Add Dural to VS Records

VirtuaFighter Saturn US DuralRecords.png

On the title screen, press Up 17 times, then press  START . Now if you go to the records screen in the options menu, Dural will have been added to the table.

Quick character/stage select

VirtuaFighter Saturn US VSSelect.png

After a VS match ends, hold L+R. This will bring up a quick menu for selecting characters and stages, saving you from having to wait for the normal one to load.

32X version

Extra camera settings

VirtuaFighter 32X US ExtraCameras1.png

VirtuaFighter 32X US ExtraCameras2.png

Set the camera setting in the options menu to "sky cam", then press Right ten times. This should unlock a further two "back side" perspectives from behind the two fighters.

Extra options

VirtuaFighter 32X ExtraOptions.png

On the title screen, perform three circular motions on the D-Pad in one direction, then two in the opposing direction. Each complete circle will produce a punching sound, and after completing the code, press  START . If the code is done correctly, the announcer will say "K.O." (alternatively use the Action Replay code 01554E:5338). This will add three extra options to the option screen, which can be seen by scrolling down below the "Exit" option.

Play as Dural

VirtuaFighter 32X DuralSelect.png

With the cursor hovering over Akira in the player select screen, press Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right.

Extra colours


Normally, selecting a character with A, B or C makes no difference to the colour of their clothes. However, a further six colours can be accessed by holding either Up or Down while pressing A, B or C.

All tournament opponents are Dural

VirtuaFighter 32X US DuralTournament.png

On the character select screen for tournament, highlight the character you want and press Down Up Right Left+A. If successful, all computer players will be Dural.


Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter Title.png

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