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Virtual VCR is the name given to a series of Digital Pictures-developed Sega CD games based on full-motion video, later adopted by Sega of America as a working codename for the technology as a whole.


Virtual VCR is a ground breaking technology developed by Digital Pictures that permits the Sega CD-ROM to display real motion video. It delivers up to 60 minutes of video and digital audio and lets you play, stop, search, skip, freeze and store up to nine of your favorite frames.

Digital Pictures[1]


Presented by Digital Pictures as a virtual representation of a VCR, it was intended as a metaphor to introduce the technology of full-motion video to users unfamiliar with CD-ROMs. To this end, the games planned for the Virtual VCR series consisted entirely of video editing software, and feature a VCR-like interface for interacting with the included video clips.

While three titles were planned under this name, only one (The Colors of Modern Rock) was ever released. Future music video-based software developed by Digital Pictures would forgo the Virtual VCR moniker altogether.


A fourth title in the Virtual VCR series, Sex Pistols (based on the English punk rock band of the same name), was hoaxed around June 2023.[2]

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