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Clean pause

Enter "CBB CCB CAB AAA BBC BAB" as a password.

Set the title screen on fire

Weaponlord MD Fire.png

Enter "ACA CBB BCA AAC CBC AAA" as a password. This will cause flames to emit from the "Weaponlord" text on the title screen, and the background to wobble.

More health

Enter "CAC BBB CAA ACC BCA AAA" as a password. This will require the both fighters to take more damage before being beaten.

Alternative palettes

Enter "BAC CBB ABB ABB ABB BAA" as a password to change player 1's palette, and "AAA AAC BCB ABC BAB CAB" to change player 2's.

Demo modes

Two passwords will cause the game to play itself, i.e. the computer will control the player's selected character.

"CBA ACB CCB ACA BAA CAA" requires input from the user to skip ending messages and password screens, while "BBB AAC ABC ACB CCC CAB" is a completely automated version. If the computer loses in the story mode, the game will continue with the victor of the fight instead.

Play as Zarak in story mode

Enter "AAC ACB BBC AAA CCB CAA" as a password.



Weaponlord title.png

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