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Web Vengeance
System(s): Windows PC
Publisher: SegaSoft
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Windows PC

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Web Vengeance[1] software was a web application for Web browsers developed and published by SegaSoft in 1997 as an "Interactive Desktop Distraction".[2] It could be downloaded for free at SegaSoft website.

The software allowed users to "ease their frustrations" on websites that were not to their liking by throwing "virtual" tomatoes , raw eggs, cats and other "nasty things" on them (poo, dirty diapers, etc). A number of "Weapon Packs" was available separately for download at a price of $4.95 USD for each pack, wich users could download and use with "Web Vengeance" software including a "Medieval Pack","Food Fight Pack"(free download),"Urban Assault Pack"(free, included in the installer),"Military Pack","Construction Pack","Riot Pack" and a "Poo Pack".



Download.svg Download Web Vengeance
File: Web Vengeance Installer and SDK (Source Code) (1.94 MB) (info)

Web Vengeance Installer and SDK (Source Code)[3]; Packs included: Urban Assault and Food Fight; Operating System: Windows 95