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For the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Game Gear versions handled by GameTek, see Wheel of Fortune (GameTek).

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WheelofFortune MCD title.png
Wheel of Fortune
Publisher: Sony Imagesoft
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Genre: Table

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
$59.95[1] T-93085

The Sega Mega-CD version of Wheel of Fortune was handled by rightsholders Sony themselves through Sony Imagesoft and Absolute Entertainment rather than through GameTek, in a similar fashion to their other game show Mega-CD game, Jeopardy!.

As with Jeopardy!, this game is a flashier production, featuring animated videos, animated sprites, and voice samples of Vanna White (sans Pat Sajak again) and the model contestants and a full spinning Wheel, but also cuts back in other places (most noticeably, Vanna isn't animated as turning letters at all; she merely walks by and the letters turn themselves).

Production credits

  • Executive Producer: Rich Robinson
  • Senior Producer: Mary Ann Norris
  • Associate Producer: David Poe
  • Testing Team: Steve Ceragioli, Bruce Cochrane, C.J. Connoy, Jose Cruz, Jody Kelsey, Andre Leighton, Seth Luisi, Tobin Russell, Kurt Schwengel, Andrew Stein
Olaf Olafsson, Lester Greenman, Peter Dille
  • Creative Director: Carol Albert
  • Technical Director: Roger Booth
  • Programming by: Dennis Benson, Keith Rupp
  • Support Programming: Shen Jian Long, Chi Y. Chan
  • Director of System Software: Rick Booth
  • System Programming: Dennis Benson, David Minogue, Keith Rupp
  • Audio Director: Mark Van Hecke
  • Audio Assistants: Jim Wallace, Steve Melillo
  • Multi-Media: Mike Sullivan
  • Artists: Ross Harris, Dan Peters, Damon Redmond
  • Quality Control Manager: Robert Prescott
  • Testers: Ezra Blau, Keith Blumenstock, Bayani Caes, Alan de Loach, Andre Garcia, Arvee Garde, Jon Ross, Aaron Townley
  • ©1994 Sony Electronic Publishing Company
  • ©1993 Sony Electronic Publishing Company

Magazine articles

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Promotional material


GamePro US 064.pdf

Print advert in
GamePro (US) #64: "November 1994" (1994-xx-xx)
also published in:
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #65: "December 1994" (1994-xx-xx)[2]

Physical scans

Mega-CD, US
WheelofFortune MCD US Box Back.jpgWheelofFortune MCD US Box Front.jpg
Wheeloffortune mcd us disc.jpg
Wheeloffortune mcd us manual.pdf


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