Yamaha Super Intelligent Sound Processor

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Yamaha Super Intelligent Sound Processor
Designer: Yamaha

The Yamaha AICA Super Intelligent Sound Processor is a Yamaha sound processor created for the Sega Dreamcast console, Sega NAOMI, Sega NAOMI 2 and the Sega Hikaru in 1998.

Technical specifications

  • AICA clock rate: 67 MHz[1]
  • CPU core: ARM7 @ 45 MHz[2]
  • Performance: 32‑bit RISC instructions @ 40 MIPS (million instructions per second)
  • PCM: 64 simultaneous audio channels, 16‑bit depth, 48 kHz sampling rate[3][4]
  • Hardware ADPCM 4:1 decompression[5]
  • XG MIDI support
  • 3D environment effects
  • DSP for reverb, chorus and other musical effects
  • RAM: 2 MB (Dreamcast), 8 MB (NAOMI)
  • Middleware: Audio compression, voice recognition[1]