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Founded: 1996-08-02[1]
Defunct: 2000-03[2][1]
Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan[1]

Yumekobo Co., Ltd. (株式会社夢工房; lit. "Dream Workshop") was a Japanese video game developer and joint venture between SNK, Aicom president Akio Inoue (井上昭男), and former Takara managing director Nobuyuki Okude (奥出修之), most notable for co-developing a number of home ports of SNK's The King of Fighters series with developer TUG.


Founded on August 2, 1996 by former Takara managing director Nobuyuki Okude (奥出修之) and Aicom president Akio Inoue (井上昭男), Yumekobo was started primarily to produce original games for SNK's Neo Geo arcade hardware, as well as port existing Neo Geo games to the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Much of its staff came from Aicom itself (after it was purchased by Sammy), as well as developers Eleca and Santos.

Yumekobo's offices were located in the 2nd Kioicho Building in Kioichō, Chiyoda, Tokyo; this same building also housed developers Aicom and Saurus, as well as SNK's Tokyo branch.

Later in its existence, it produced a number of titles for SNK's handheld game system, the Neo Geo Pocket.

In March 2000, Yumekobo was formally dissolved as part of SNK's restructuring.[2][1]


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