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Zax Corporation
Founded: 1973[1]
Merged with: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd
Merged into: Sumitomo Heavy Industries Mechatronics, Ltd.
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

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Zax Corporation (株式会社ザックス, Kabushiki Gaisha Zakkusu), was a Japanese company, founded in 1973, who was one of the world's leading manufacturers of microcomputer development and support systems such as in-circuit emulators, in-circuit debuggers and ROM writers.

With the establishment of its department of research and development in 1977, Zax Corporation introduced many innovations in the field of microcomputer development and support systems, with their line of in-circuit debuggers and in-circuit emulators, becoming famous for the reliability of its hi-tech development systems which attracted companies like Sega, who from the late 1980s to early 1990s comissisoned several ERX 318P and ERX 308P in-circuit emulators, provided as part of its Mega Drive software development kit, sold to licensed third-party video game development companies.

On 1 January 1997[1][2] Zax Corporation was acquired by Tokyo-based company Lightwell Co. Ltd (founded in 1973), becoming Zax Division Lightwell Co., Ltd.[3][4] and continued improving and innovating its line[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14] of microcomputer development and support systems until 1 April 2006[15], when the company was acquired by Japanese heavy machinery manufacturing company Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (with its origins in copper refining, trading, and mining, Sumitomo, founded in 1691[16] as Izumi-ya, is since 1888 one of the oldest manufacturers of heavy machinery in Japan), becoming Sumitomo Heavy Industries Mechatronics, Ltd., its mechatronics division.

The company had for many years an american sales division called U.S. Zax Corporation[17], established on 18 March 1983[18] in Irvine, California, responsible for the distribution of its products in USA which had previously been distributed[19] in the country by AI Electronics Corp. of Japan, acquired in 1992 by Sega and renamed to SI Electronics Ltd..

On 5 October 1992[20][21] the North American division U.S. Zax Corporation was dissolved, and the distribution of its products was subcontracted to Sunnyvale-based PC Card manufacturing company EXP Computer Inc.[22][23][24] trading[25][26] as Zaxtek, Inc.[27][28][29][30] (founded in 1985 in South Korea as Zeus Computer by South Korean businessman Soonam Kim the company also traded[31][32] as Xeltek, Inc. as a manufacturer and distributor of device programmers).

Development hardware/tools produced

Promotional material

Print advertisements

Print advert in Computer Design (US) #1983-08: "August 1983" (1983-08-xx)
Print advert in PC Tech Journal (US) #0205: "November 1984" (1984-xx-xx)
Print advert in Embedded Systems Programming (US) #1: "November 1988" (1988-11-xx)
Print advert in Oh! X (JP) #1990-01-xx (1990-01-xx)


ZAXMDX700 JP Brochure.pdf

Zax MDX700 JP Brochure[33][34][35][36][37]

ZAXQuick-EIII JP Brochure.pdf

Zax Quick-E III JP Brochure

ZAXSSX850 JP Brochure.pdf

Zax SSX850 JP Brochure[38]

ZAXMJX440forV831-V832 JP Brochure.pdf

Zax MJX440 for V831/V832 JP Brochure[39][40][41][42][43]

ZAXMJX440forCW4020 JP Brochure.pdf

Zax MJX440 for CW4020 JP Brochure[39][44][45]

ZAXMJX440forNB85E JP Brochure.pdf

Zax MJX440 for NB85E JP Brochure[39][46]

ZAXMJX440forARM JP Brochure.pdf

Zax MJX440 for ARM JP Brochure[39][47][48][49]

ZAXMJX330 JP Brochure.pdf

Zax MJX330 JP Brochure[50][51][52][53][54][55]

ZAXArribaELE Brochure.pdf

Zax Arriba ELE (Embedded Linux Edition) Debug Environment JP Brochure

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