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SI Electronics Ltd.
Founded: 1962-04-04[1][2] (as AI Electronics Corporation)
Defunct: 2017-05
Merged with: Kaga Electronics Co. Ltd.
Merged into: Kaga Components Co. Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

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SI Electronics Ltd. (株式会社エスアイエレクトロニクス, Kabushiki Gaisha Esuai Erekutoronikusu), was a Japanese hardware development company who developed, produced and provided processors for amusement systems, video display systems as well as software development environments, video boards and final assembly services.

The company was founded on April 4, 1962 as AI Electronics Corporation[3][4][5] (アイ電子測器株式会社, Ai Denshi Sokki Kabushiki Gaisha[6], lit. Ai Electronic Measuring Instruments Corporation[7]) by Japanese businessman Takayuki Sanada[8], initially producing factory monotoring systems used for industrial process control and later venturing in the manufacturing of small business microcomputers[9][10][11], video display units[12], in-circuit emulators[11] and in-circuit debuggers.

On April 3, 1992[1][13] the company was aqcuired by Sega and became its wholly-owned subsidiary[14][15], responsible for the manufacturing and repairing of home video game console development tools.

On May 1, 2001[13][16], Sammy Corporation acquired 90% of its shares, changing the focus of the company to the manufacturing and developing of components for pachinko and arcade machines and seven years later in July 2008 the company was acquired by Tokyo-based company Kaga Electronics Co. Ltd. (founded in 1968[17] by Japanese businessman Isao Tsukamoto, Kaga Electronics Co. Ltd. was the parent company of now defunct video game developing and publishing company Kaga Create Co., Ltd., founded in 1988 as Naxat Soft) becoming its wholly-owned subsidiary.

In October 2016 following a restrutcturing of the Kaga Electronics group of companies, the company merged into Kaga Components Co., Ltd. (later Kaga Devices Co., Ltd, established in May 1997[18] by merging Voltek Corp, a subsidiary of Kaga Electronics and Tokei Denko Co.,Ltd) and was ultimately dissolved following liquidation in May 2017.

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