Zoo Tycoon DS: Doubutsuen wo Tsukurou!

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ZooTycoonDS title.png
Zoo Tycoon DS: Doubutsuen wo Tsukurou!
System(s): Nintendo DS
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: Microsoft
Genre: Simulation

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Nintendo DS
¥4,800 (5,040) NTR-AZTJ-JPN

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Zoo Tycoon DS: Doubutsuen wo Tsukurou! (ズータイクーン DS: 動物園を作ろう!) is a simulation game developed for the Nintendo DS by Altron tying into Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon series. Sega published the game in Japan - overseas versions were handled by THQ and simply titled Zoo Tycoon DS. It was followed by Zoo Tycoon 2, however no version was published by Sega.

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

Nintendo DS, JP
ZooTycoonDS DS JP Box.jpg
ZooTycoonDS DS JP Cardback.jpgZooTycoonDS DS JP Card.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Nintendo DS
CRC32 0A080414
MD5 8661C347889E7BF598DE2BA244FD7AEF
SHA-1 34473D85E0BD34C7C0477EBA80D1068F7CA1321F
16MB Card (JP)

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