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Club Saturn
Record label: Breakdown Records
Artist: Xpressive Records, Duderella, Remarc, Balouga Boys, Kenny Ken, D'Cruze, Dream Team, Marshall Jefferson, Back 2 Basics, Richard Jacques, Mr. Time, Lewi, Acorn Arts, Paul 'Trouble' Anderson
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Compact Disc
MM 86013-2
Compact Disc

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Club Saturn is a compilation of remixes of tracks from popular Sega Saturn games. The European release includes the Sega Flash Vol. 2 demo disc for the Saturn.

Track list

1. Nights - Expressive Records Drum & Bass Mix (5:54) 
Remix by: Xpressive Records (Darren Hickey)
2. Daytona Racing - Duderella House Mix (5:05) 
3. Virtua Cop - Remarc Jungle Mix (4:34) 
Remix by: Remarc (Marc Forrester)
4. Sonic 3D - Balouga Boys House Mix (4:49) 
Remix by: Balouga Boys (Darren Hickey, Steve Lloyd)
5. Athlete Kings - Kenny Ken Jungle Mix (5:23) 
Remix by: Kenny Ken (Ken Delsol)
6. Sega Rally - D'Cruze Trip Hop Mix (5:29) 
Remix by: Jay D'Cruze
7. Baku Baku - Dream Team Drum & Bass Mix (5:08) 
Remix by: The Dream Team (Brian Johnson, Dean Vincent)
8. Virtua Fighter - Marshall Jefferson House Mix (5:17) 
Remix by: Marshall Jefferson
9. Fighting Vipers - Back2Basics Recordings Drum & Bass Mix (4:45) 
Remix by: Back2Basics (Jason Ball)
10. Nights - Richard Jacques Ambient Trance Mix (5:12) 
Remix by: Richard Jacques
11. Duel (Golden Axe) - Mr. Time (of Krome & Time) Jungle Mix (5:00) 
Remix by: Mr. Time (Bernard Simon)
12. Worldwide Soccer - Richard Jacques Trip Hop Mix (4:11) 
Remix by: Richard Jacques
13. Shinobi X - Remarc & Lewi Jungle Mix (5:10) 
Remix by: Remarc (Marc Forrester) and Lewi (Rodney Lewis)
14. Baku Baku - Acorn Arts Hard House Mix (5:13) 
Remix by: Acorn Arts (Mark Williams, Matt Clayden)
15. Fighting Vipers - Paul 'Trouble' Anderson Avant-Garde Beats Mix (4:35) 
Remix by: Paul Anderson
Running time: 75:45

Production credits

  • Shout out to: All Sega Crew, Andy Mee, Richard Jacques, Nikki Hamilton, Steve Cross, Mark Maslowicz, Dave Clark, Andrew Campbell and all at Nelson Bostock, (the other) Andrew Campbell, for assisting with Baku mixes, Sega of Japan, Blakey at Suburban Base Music Publishing, Greg "Max Power" Emmerson, Steve "Kiss FM" Jackson, Percy @ SRD, Luke Coke and all at Phuture Trax, Sound Performance, Chord Print, Chris Bruty, Charlie and all at RCL
  • Special thanks to all the artists involved and the Suburban Base staff - Vicki, Rodney, Sharmaine and David
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Promotional material

Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) #14: "December 1996" (1996-11-14)

Physical scans

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