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Roland Sound Space (RSS) is the name of 3D "sound space" audio technology created by Roland Corporation in 1991.

RSS is one of several attempts to create a "3D sound" out of regular stereo speakers. It is not surround sound in the traditional sense of having speakers which "surround" the user, but attempts to direct sound around the room to give the illusion of depth (similar to QSound). It does not require special decoding hardware, however very little mainstream media supported the technology, as the differences to standard stereo can be minimal. It has been superseded by "real" surround sound sytems.

RSS was used in some video games of the early 1990s, but failed to match the support of QSound or Dolby Surround (which in turn were only supported by a small fraction of the market). From a Sega perspective, it was mainly seen in Mega LD games.

Games utilising Roland Sound Space


Mega LD