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  • Tips section.
  • Trading cards section and scans.
  • Connection between this and Sega Game Gear Tips Volume 1 & 2? Both feature the same actor, and more tellingly, the same flashing strobe light and obnoxious style. Looks like its a little less flashy too... But done by a different company? Once I transcribe the tips I'll know for certain, but they use a different style of text formatting as St. Michel Productions's style. Hm, maybe a different name for the same company? or- hey this way the 90s, maybe they were subcontracting out individual parts of these, or whoever was doing the company's text wasn't available for this one? I don't know, but those strobe lights are telling - of something.

CartridgeCulture (talk) 00:44, 30 October 2021 (EDT)