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Companies without logos

Companies with text-only logos


  • Jamie Bunker: Email Jamie Bunker about Renovation Products stuff/history, plus his own history.
  • Polygames: Find a higher-quality Polygames logo, and create an article for that Lee Actor interview
  • Koga Game Factory: Correct dates, crossref Developer Table, and verify the company's JP name spelling.
  • Societa Daikanyama: Why are Societa Daikanyama and Digital Garage located at the same address?
  • Template:NSFW: Add template and image tags to any relevant lists, and see if there's any other blatantly NSFW stuff floating around.
  • Mizuki: Merge Mizuki and Spike.
  • Micro Vision: Add old logos.
  • Nihon System: Add old logos.
  • Cheong Ming: There's a lot to finish writing here.
  • ZCT Systems Group: Also a lot to finish writing here. Notably, mention how they (just Greg Zumwalt?) were really really good at early 3D on computers, and tie that into the Matrix Runner article (and the 3D there is very visible). Also eventually correct the Z on top of the logo.
  • RHS Company: Expand on their weird bankruptcy/insolvency thing, mention the whole "Romanian govt froze our bank accounts because they thought we were avoiding taxes by using certain companies for services etc etc" and if that ever got resolved, and figure out why the company is still legally reporting.
  • Moon Dancer: Finish writing.
  • Beck-Tech: Is the current Beck-Tech related to the old one?
  • Rutubo Games: Finish writing[6][7], and see if Rutubo Game Works needs deletion.
  • Welcome to the Next Level: Section about how Japan loved it and used it extensively, and continued to use it for some time.
  • Korean Samsung Mascot SAMSUNG'S PICO MASCOT IS AN ADORABLE SONIC KNOCKOFF. Do something with this.[8]
  • Bros. Comics EX: Rewrite as a print publishing label owned by Enterbrain, and investigate any relation to Famitsu Bros., which is also likely a label?
  • Sansan (company): Clarify their role. Are they the company that manages the Sansan service?
  • Michael Jackson: Write content for empty sections.
  • ZOGA: Upload office/factory/company photos.
  • Shinseisha: Should their logo have the kabushiki gaisha removed from it?
  • Stormlord: Finish writing, and use that awesome "Making of Stormlord" article. Also put it in External links.
  • List of LaserActive games: Write a basic gameplay summary for each game, transcribe available production credits, as well as clean up any LaserActive sub-pages.
  • Thin Chen Enterprise: Split Sachen off as a proper publisher page.
  • SEED Television: Finish writing.
  • Sega VR: Create proper Interview pages, and maybe create a subpage or two for some of those larger Image etc sections?
  • Ric Green: Create proper Interview pages.
  • Sega Sammy Creation: Creation appears to be a separate company from Sega Sammy Holdings (I believe it's the development company/branch), with separate offices. Looks like these offices (sometimes?) independently develop machines as well. Make a separate article for Creation, move redirects and content. Also: Sega Sammy Creation, Inc. USA and Aruze Gaming America, Inc. are located in the same building (they're direct neighbors, with Aruza taking up much more space). And clean up Sega Sammy Holdings.[9]
  • Virtual Batting: Santaclaus contextualizes the game as "for business use", which I'm assuming means "this is less a board that's gonna be manufactured wholesale and shipped everywhere, but more a giant machine thats gonna be expensive and specialized and more for entertainment centers". Get it cleaned up, expanded, added to relevant Omnis/pages/templates/etc.
  • Change all my NEC-relevant wikipedia links to NEC Retro ones, check my older articles for improper formatting, and consider a Markets multicol section for Distributor articles, and also consider an Endorser category for celebrities etc to distinguish them from corporate Spokespeople.

IGN dates

It seems that IGN "localises" the dates depending on where the page is accessed from. Accessing from the UK gives a date of December 31st for Batman Returns, but when using a US proxy I got the date of May 19th that you referenced. Not an issue as you linked an archive of the page, and the Internet Archive is based in the US, but could be an issue if someone wanted to reference the UK page. That "UK" date is obviously a placeholder though, it released in September going by the official Gallup charts.Pirate Dragon (talk) 11:50, 15 April 2021 (EDT)
Interesting. Thank you for the heads-up about IGN too! I wonder if there’s a way to stop it, or archive a copy that won’t change the date. Good find with those posts too, I really like the idea of using these to help sort out release dates ;) CartridgeCulture (talk) 16:42, 15 April 2021 (EDT)

Image tagging

Can you please tag the files before uploading them? Just paste the respective tags on the "Summary" box before uploading them... best regards...--Asagoth (talk) 09:07, 22 April 2021 (EDT)

Anytime, you're super welcome! And I'll absolutely start tagging my uploads. My bad! I didn't even know tagging was a thing. I'll go back and tag my older uploads too. ;)
As always I genuinely appreciate the help, thanks again Asagoth.
CartridgeCulture (talk) 20:35, 22 April 2021 (EDT)


Just letting you know, we use wapuro romaji for Japanese names, so long "o" becomes "ou" and long "u" becomes "uu". There are very few instances where a page's title isn't plain ascii. - Hivebrain (talk) 22:08, 30 May 2021 (EDT)

Got it, thanks for the heads up. I'll start putting Refs under external links too :) CartridgeCulture (talk) 01:59, 31 May 2021 (EDT)

Company logos

It's unlikely we're going to maintain categories for every company, so I'd just do


when it comes to categorisation. That'll throw it in Category:Company logos -Black Squirrel (talk) 10:48, 10 September 2021 (EDT)

Got it, that'll actually be easier. Thanks :)
CartridgeCulture (talk) 11:06, 10 September 2021 (EDT)
Hey thanks so much for helping with that text replacement BS c:
CartridgeCulture (talk) 12:36, 10 September 2021 (EDT)