Nicolaas Hamman

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Playlist Manager for RADIOSEGA. Trusted Editor for VGMdb.

  • Country: South Africa
  • Date of Birth: 2000-08-21
  • First Soundtrack Purchase: SEGA RALLY 2006 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK
  • Playlist Manager since: June 29, 2020

Frequents various SEGA websites for music-related info. Cares deeply about Production Credits. Unnofficially heads the SEGA side of VGMdb's product line. Half the year, I host the weekly podcast/LiVE show Individual on RadioSEGA. It's a Wednesday show in which I go over the histories and sounds of SEGA sound designers (or at the very least, the musicians with substantial ties to SEGA). A lot of edits you see during the second half of the year, it's to do with me researching for Individual.

Todo list

Company pages

  • Create Sega AM2 Sound/Sega CS3 Sound. Also link them to the respective confirmed games.
  • Change pages linked to Aspect to also include appropriate Sega divisions.

Developer pages worth rewriting

Production credits

  • Check ERI in Space Harrier and Fantasy Zone II
  • Go through Weekly-AM2 for Production Credits breakdown, e.g. OutRun2
  • Check magazine articles for Koichi Sasaki's games, if there's interviews they might reveal his earlier works.

Magazine articles progress

Soundtrack sections for games

Alias Speculation