Takashi Hiraro

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Takashi Hiraro
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1999-04[1] – 2000-07[1])
Sega ( – 2015-07[1])
Bandai Namco Studios (2015-08[1] – 2015-12[1])
Bandai Namco Studio Vancouver (2016-01[1] – 2018-11[1])
Square Enix (2018-12[1] – )
Role(s): Director, designer
Education: Doshisha University (Bachelor of Commerce, Commercial Science, 1999)[3]

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Takashi Hiraro (平魯 隆導) was a producer and director at Sega. He is best known for Samurai Bloodshow and its sequels, which he promoted with the persona KIRA★ROSSO (キラ★ロッ), writing and singing lyrics for "The theme of SAMURAI BLOODSHOW", including at concert performances by [H.].[4]

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