Sega of America Product Development Dept.

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Sega of America Product Development Dept.
Division of Sega of America
Founded: 1997
Defunct: 2001?
Merged into: Sonic Team USA

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Product Development Dept., also called Sega Product Development (SPD) was a video game development division of Sega of America which may have acted as a successor to Sega Technical Institute. Like STI developing Dynamite Deka, SPD is known to have developed Dynamite Deka 2, with its developers having migrated from Sega AM1 and AM3 in Japan, in 1997[1]. It likely also developed Alien Front. Some of the department's developers also contributed to Air Trix.

At some point the department was disbanded, with its staff either returning to AM1 (by this point WOW Entertainment) in Japan, or remaining in America to work at Sonic Team USA.


List of staff


Timeline of Sega of America research and development divisions