Atsushi Saito

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Atsushi Saito
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1994-01 – )
Role(s): Designer
Education: Kinjo High School (1988), Tama Art University (1993)

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Atsushi Saito (斉藤 厚史) is a graphic designer originally employed at Sega AM3 in January 1994, before transferring to Sega of America three years later. The following October he was named the lead animator at Sonic Team, designing event scenes and player character motions. He remained with the company until January 2008.

Following his departure from Sega he joined Namco Bandai Games as its senior animator, where he remained until November 2010. Other places of employment include Polygon Pictures, Sola Digital Arts, and OLM Digital, Inc., where he held the title of Lead Animator. He currently works at the video game development company B.B. Studio.

Production history

  • Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 31: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On (2007) — Graphics (as Atsushi Saitoh)
  • Yakuza 3 (2009) — Designer (Digital Frontier Inc.) (Event Movie Production Assistance) (Production Assistance)
  • Yakuza 4 (2010) — Designer (Digital Frontier Inc.) (Event Movie Production Assistance) (Production Assistance) (Staff)
  • Yakuza: Dead Souls (2011) — Artist (Digital Frontier Inc.) (Event Movie Production Support) (Production Support) (Staff)
  • Binary Domain (2012) — Animator (Digital Frontier Inc.) (Event Scene Production) (Production Assistance) (Staff)