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NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
System(s): Wii
Publisher: Sega
Supporting companies:
Peripherals supported: Nunchuk, Classic Controller, Nintendo GameCube Controller
Genre: 3D Action

Number of players: 1-2
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • 日本語
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Nintendo Wii
    ¥6,800 (7,140)6,800 (7,140)[8] RVL-P-R7EJ
    CERO: A
    Nintendo Wii
    ESRB: Everyone
    Nintendo Wii
    PEGI: 7+
    Nintendo Wii
    USK: 6
    Nintendo Wii
    PEGI: 7+
    Nintendo Wii
    PEGI: 7+
    Nintendo Wii
    PEGI: 7+
    Nintendo Wii
    PEGI: 7+
    Nintendo Wii
    OFLC: General (G)
    Nintendo Wii
    ESRB: Everyone

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    NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, known as NiGHTS: Hoshi Furu Yoru no Monogatari (NiGHTS ~星降る夜の物語~) in Japan, is a video game developed by Sonic Team as a sequel to NiGHTS into Dreams. It was released for the Wii in 2007.

    Journey of Dreams is notorious for changing many of the rules put forward in the original NiGHTS - all characters can speak and NiGHTS is revealed to be a male. There are also no references to the events of NiGHTS into Dreams.


    Like the original, the game is set in the dream world of Nightopia, which is under threat from nightmare beings called Nightmaren, and the gameplay is based around the flight of a jester-like rebel Nightmaren named NiGHTS. Players assume the role of either William Taylor or Helen Cartwright, two children living in the London-esque city of Bellbridge. Will is an excellent soccer player but is anti-social when not around his father. When his father leaves town on a business trip, he becomes lonely and begins having nightmares. Helen and her mother are violinists. Helen frequently skips practicing with her mother to hang out with friends, and her guilt surfaces in her nightmares.


    Whereas NiGHTS into Dreams had the same goal in each level, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams has five missions per level, three of which are common between worlds. The purple F ranking has been removed, leaving ranks to be distributed as in Sonic Adventure 2 (ranging from a blue E up to a pink A). Levels typically start with the player in some sort of valley, restricting exploration until dualizing with NiGHTS to fly out. Three missions are common between six of the seven levels.

    There is an option to play the game with motion controls, something that originally experimented with during the Air NiGHTS project.

    Chase missions

    Every level begins with a Chase Mission; this mission most closely replicates the play style of the prequel. Reala imprisons NiGHTS, at which point the player must enter the prison and dualize. The player is given 180 seconds to chase down a Nightmaren known as a Goodle, which holds the key to said prison. Additional time and points can be earned by creating Links of scoring objects—unlike the prequel, the player always has one second to link a new object rather than a time limit that gets more stringent as the link grows.

    Three prisons are present in each level, making for three courses (as opposed to four in the prequel), each with a fresh 180 second time limit. Blue chips no longer respawn, and prisons are designed so that they cannot be avoided after grabbing the key, making time bonuses a larger factor than in the original game. As in the prequel, failing to return the key in time results in NiGHTS being forced back into a prison; however, this now results in an immediate Night Over. Finishing all three courses leads to a fight with a boss Nightmaren (also with a 180 second time limit), and finishing the boss clears the mission.

    Link challenges

    Link challenges involve NiGHTS chasing a flying creature called Octopaw. The creature flies in a set circuit around the level, and produces rings and ink as it flies. The player has five tries to create the longest link possible. An A rank is awarded if the highest of the five links is above 100, and the mission immediately ends if a link reaches 999.

    vs. Boss

    The fifth and final mission of each level is a second boss fight. The player has 300 seconds to defeat a harder version of the boss from the Chase Mission.



    The original NiGHTS was produced by Yuji Naka, who, while in charge of Sonic Team, expressed little interest in creating a sequel, despite being regularly asked. In 2010 Naka revealed that he had strengthened his position, viewing NiGHTS similarly to Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, in that it it would be wrong to make sequels[9][10]. He also clarified that the creatures in the dream world have no gender[9].

    Takashi Iizuka had no such reservations, and as early as 2004 was suggesting that sequels to NiGHTS could happen[11]. Journey of Dreams would be produced Iizuka and developed by the same team which worked on Shadow the Hedgehog.


    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
    English (US) NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
    Japanese NiGHTS ~星降る夜の物語~ NiGHTS: Hoshi Furu Yoru no Monogatari

    Production credits

    Orchestra Version Staff
    • Recording Director: Fumitaka Shibata (Wave Master Inc.), Kotaro Kamda, Hidetaka "Carl" Shibata, Kan Andrew Hashimoto
    • Scoring Engineer: Damon Tedesco
    • Mixing Engineer: Ryuichi Misawa
    CG Movie Production
    • CG Movie Producers: Takeshi Itou, Minoru Kusakabe, Hideki Kuraku (Gemba Inc.), Yusaku Toyoshima (Digital Frontier Inc.), Toyokazu Hattori (Gonzo.KK)
    • CG Movie Line Producer: Naoko Ajiro
    • CG Movie Director: Tomohiro Yonemichi, Tetsuya Nakano (Gemba Inc.), Atsushi Doi (Digital Frontier Inc.), Yumiko Sugihara (Fushinryu Inc.)
    • CG Movie Art Director: Tomokazu Takahashi, Yusuke Takeda (Bamboo)
    • CG Movie Technical Director: Naoki Sato (Digital Frontier Inc.)
    • CG Movie Project Manager: Yuji Miyazaki (Gonzo.KK)
    • CG Movie Senior Designer: Tetsuya Nozawa (Digital Frontier Inc.)
    • CG Movie Chief Designer: Nobutaka Moto (Digital Frontier Inc.)
    • CG Movie Designers: Sachie Matsuo (Gemba Inc.), Takeshi Saito (Gemba Inc.), Keita Mizuhashi (Gemba Inc.), Toshiaki Takagi (Gemba Inc.), Yoko Miyaguchi (Gemba Inc.), Mio Saito (Gemba Inc.), Tsubasa Nakamura (Digital Frontier Inc.), Ryoji Tabuchi (Digital Frontier Inc.), Yosuke Toyoyama (Digital Frontier Inc.), Toshihiko Masaki (Digital Frontier Inc.), Hiroki Mori (Digital Frontier Inc.), Sayaka Ohashi (Digital Frontier Inc.), Daisuke Imai (Digital Frontier Inc.), Satoko Syoji (Digital Frontier Inc.), Natsuo Ooshima (Fushinryu Inc.), Hideyasu Ishibara (Fushinryu Inc.)
    • CG Movie Concept Artists (Bamboo): Ryusei Nishino, Michiko Shinohara, Takemasa Masuki, Tomonori Kato, Naoko Yamada
    • CG Movie Production Manager (Digital Frontier Inc.): Aki Horikita
    • CG Movie Matte Painter: Kazumasa Uchio (Matte Paining)
    • Character Supervisor: Jun Masuda
    • Sets & Props Supervisor: Hideyuki Higashi
    • Character TD Supervisor: Kei Miyamoto
    • Animation Supervisor: Jiro Yamagishi
    • Effect Supervisor: Masayuki Tanaka
    • Sequence Supervisor: Takuya Hada
    • Director Of R&D: Jun Saito
    • Tools Development Supervisor: Seymour Wakisaka
    • Production Manager: Kei Miyamoto
    • Project Mannager: Chikako Tanaka, Rumi Ishikawa, Akira Ito, Tomohiro Mitsui
    • Lead Art Development Concept Artist: Shinji Usui
    • Art Development Concept Artists: Noiaki Hashimoto, Naomi Tsjishita, Masanori Takimoto, Masato Yoshimura
    • Lead Character Modeling Development Artist: Kenichi Nishida
    • Character Modeling Development Artists: Hiroaki Ota, Toshiya Umeda, Satoshi Kounosu, Satoshi Takahashi, Takayuki Hayama, Emiri Minagawa
    • Sets & Props Modeling Development Artists: Yoshihiko Suzuki, Yoshihiko Hanada, Hieaki Hakinouchi, Takeshi Hoshino, Kazushige Hayakawa. Naoto Kawaguchi
    • Lead Rigging Development Artist: Kiminori Kusamo
    • Rigging Development Artists: Yusuke Sakai, Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Takaaki Kise, Tatsunori Tomiyama, Yoshimasa Kinoshita, Hideyuki Kinoshita
    • Lead Effects Development Artist: Yoshihisa Inoue
    • Effects Development Artists: Syuntaro Furukawa, Takeyuki Suzuki, Wataru Kitamura
    • Lead Lighting Development Artist: Kouhei Kajisa
    • Lighting Development Artists: Keisuke Takahashi, Tsubasa Nakai, Satoshi Tomatsu, Hirokazu Ayukawa, Takuto Yamamori, Tomoya Kowase, Tomoya Tsubokawa
    • Software Development Engineers: Tomoaki Saito, Gaetan Guidet, Tatsuya "CAP" Syuzui, Yoko Sano
    • System Administration Lead System Administrator: Yuji Umeki
    • System Administrators: Toru Iwata, Yuichiro Yamamoto, Yusuke Yanagisawa, Yukari Oikawa
    • Motion Capture: SEGA Motion Capture Team, Takeo Iwata, Hiroshi Tanaka, Maskao Tagi, Hitoshi Noda
    • Character Motion Actresses Of Violinists: Fumie Kuroda, Yui Matsubara
    • Character Motion Actors/Actresses: Tony Hosokawa, Toyoe Setkita, Haruka Moriyama, Keiichi Wada, Sumi Shimada, Naoki Nakamura, David Mori, Yuko Matta, Takemichi Funahara, Masayoshi Mori
    • English Character Voices: Julissa Agueria, Riley O'Flynn, Victoria Ashby, Casey Robertson, Jeff Kramer, Roger L. Jackson, Michele Johnston
    • Voice Recording Production: Wetbone Inc.
    • Voice Recording Director: Greg Weber
    • Voice Recording Producer: Keith Palmer
    • Engineer: Ben Trapp
    • Language Director: David Menashe
    Sega Corporation(Sega of Japan, Inc.)
    Sega Europe, Ltd.

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    4,699,979,776 Disc (US)
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    CRC32 399fbc0b
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    SHA-1 5bb2078a755113ef48b05a1c87a80cad2ce5b86f
    4,707,319,808 2007-09-13 RVT-R[14] Page
    Nintendo Wii
    CRC32 ea385913
    MD5 e45792ad4b14e38148c0fb4028074cd0
    SHA-1 9b660bcff36c2dc6cb89eb441d058d92406ad638
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