NiGHTS Theme Song: Dreams Dreams

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NiGHTS Theme Song: Dreams Dreams
Record label: Polygram
Artist: Talking Moon (Curtis King, Jr. & Dana Calitri)
Composer: Tomoko Sasaki
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥800 PODX-1011

"NiGHTS Theme Song: Dreams Dreams" is the theme song from the Sega Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams, and was released as a single in Japan on mini CD format. The b-side is "Message from Nightopia". Both tracks appeared on the NiGHTS Original Soundtrack album.

Track list

Arranged by: Akira Sasaki

2. Message from Nightopia (2:54)
Arranged by: Naofumi Hataya
Running time: 8:10

Physical scans

Album, JP
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