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Localisation comparisons

Saturn version

NiGHTS Saturn JP Load.png

NTSC-J version

NiGHTS Saturn US Load.png

NTSC-U version


PAL version

The Sega Saturn graphic seen when loading a game is white in Japanese version and black elsewhere. No effort was made to change the logo, however.

Audio comparisons


"Gate of Your Dream"


Home Alone

The music played when selecting a dream ("Gate of Your Dream") features the voices of children. These are thought to have been borrowed from the 1990 comedy film Home Alone.

Other comparisons

Saturn version

NiGHTS Saturn SpringValleyStart Normal.png


NiGHTS Saturn SpringValleyStart Wide.png


NiGHTS is one of the few Saturn games to support widescreen, however only the 3D elements are scaled and the internal resolution does not change.


NiGHTS into Dreams

NiGHTS title.png

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