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Sonic Studio, formerly known as Sonic Pillar, is a division of Sega of America dedicated to handling the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.[2] Headed by Chief Brand Officer and Sega of America Senior Vice President Ivo Gerscovich[2], and managed by Sonic Team veterans Takashi Iizuka and Kazuyuki Hoshino [3], the studio ensures the brand is presented consistently[2], handles marketing, merchandise, and press releases[2], and has a significant hand in the planning of new Sonic the Hedgehog games.[3] It also produced the award-winning television series Sonic Boom.[2]

While the studio employs its own producers and artists, Sonic Studio does not develop video games.[3]


Hanhai Civic Plaza, location of Sonic Studio.

Sonic Studio shares its Burbank, California offices with Marza Animation Planet USA[4], the United States branch of Japanese Sammy subsidiary Marza Animation Planet.[5]


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