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System 16 version


SAT. has been speculated to be artist Yukio Sato, due to his distinct moustache.[5]

Mega Drive version

In-game credits
Altered Beast MD credits.pdf

Sega TV Game Genga Gallery[7]

Master System version


PC Engine


CD-ROM² version

  • Executive Producer: Shigenobu Nanbu
  • Producer: Toshio Tabeta
  • Director: Takashi Ozama
  • Programmer: Hideki Mesuda
  • Graphic: Yasunori Takahara
  • Music: Metal Yamashita, Fumina Murohoshi
  • Assistant: Chieko Ochiai, Hiroshi Matsuda
  • Special Thanks To: Noriyuki Watanabe, Yoshiko Ishibashi, Fumiko Suzuki
  • Presented by: NEC Avenue
©Sega 1988


Music credits (System 16 version)

ID Name Description Credits Used Comments
00 Gaum-Hammer[12] Boss Theme[13] Yes
01 Altered Beast[13] Power Up[12] Yes
02 Name Entry[13] Yes
03 Crystal Theme[14] Round Clear[12] Yes
04 Rise From Your Grave[13] Round 1, 4[12] Yes
05 Closed In Upon Me[13] Round 2, 5[12] Yes
06 I'll Be Back[13] Round 3[13] Yes
07 I'm Not Afraid Of Wolves[14] Ending[13] Yes

Music credits (Mega Drive version)

ID Description Credits Used Comments
81 Yes
82 Yes
83 Yes
84 Yes
85 Yes
86 Yes
87 Yes
88 Yes
89 Yes


Altered Beast

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