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System 16 version

Hidden developer message

AlteredBeast Arcade HiddenMessage.png

Before any of the game demos start, hold down all of the action buttons for both players (Punch, Kick, Jump) to display a developer message written in Roumaji[1].

Mega Drive version

Sound test

AlteredBeast MD SoundTest.png

Press A+C+Up-right+ START  on the title screen. Press Up and Down to select a sound, C to play that sound, and  START  to exit.

Beast selection

AlteredBeast MD BeastSelection.png

Press A+B+C+Down-left+ START  on the title screen. This screen allows the player to choose what beast to transform into on each level.

Master System version

Extended life gauge

AlteredBeast SMS ExtendedLifeGauge.png

Press Up-left+1 on the title screen. This will start the game with five units on the life gauge instead of three.


AlteredBeast SMS Continue.png

Press the following button combinations when "GAME OVER" appears to continue the game up to four times:

  • 1st continue: Up-left+1+2
  • 2nd continue: Down-left+1+2
  • 3rd continue: Down-right+1+2
  • 4th continue: Up-right+1+2

This feature is mentioned in manuals, but only the first continue is documented[2][3].

Famicom version

Debug mode

AlteredBeast NES FreePlay.png

Hold Down and reset the console while on the title screen. "FREE PLAY" will appear on the title screen to indicate its activation, enabling the following options:

Level select

Press  SELECT  on the title screen to increment the starting stage number.

Sound test

AlteredBeast NES SoundTest.png

Press Up+ START  on the title screen.


Altered Beast

Altered Beast Arcade Title.png

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