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arcade gremlin, got too invested in a industry where video games and their fans have been largely forced underground in much of the world, preserving those times it was overground while i can (don't read the following words they are complete babble only making sense to me)



these are not sega tings purely a reminder for meself (theyre more important than this tatty old place too. dont be like me and neglect em)

  • colleg
  • archive uk arcades/rhythm games stuff while at it as well you stupid bast
  • other wiki when done here



  • more info on all three known sites (osaka, ichikawa, yokkaichi)
  • sega planned to have at least 7 or 8 of them in 1995? find the scan where this is mentioned on here, try to find any that are just completely lost
  • more on the sega world renaming (original galbo branding doesn't seem to have been removed, even more added in case of osaka)
  • dr chrono


  • check and crop more issues of sega magazine japan, others
  • old homepage with mascots(?)
  • okayama photos (why did it have to close :()
  • search to the ends of the earth for more on yokohama (there must be more)
  • wtf was the deal with kyoto (aimed at women? why was it small? was it originally planned to be a sega arena?)
  • mammoth task but comprehensively update tokyo with all its nooks and crannies


  • more london promo material and info if possible
  • rewrite sydney, it's shite
  • china (joypolis, players arena?)
  • sega republic
  • gameworks (not theme parks but eh)


  • more on cyber dome, sega super circuit, even ccd cart if possible
  • there was an as-1 prototype there was an as-1 prototype there was an as-1 prototype there was an as-1 prototype
  • what went on with the upgraded as-1 at umeda joypolis for like one month
  • better info for all existing pages (why did someone add completely incorrect dates and original locations with the correct info right there in front of them... hrooogh...)
  • add pages for all missing attractions from late 90s to present (help)
  • whatever the fuk dat archived page was with vague info about overseas wild river locations and a special attraction version of brave firefighters getting made for a fire safety museum (???)



  • if some good samaritan out there has shared more info on these hundreds of venues in "the lost years" ADD ADD ADD
  • hi-tek land sega
  • hi-tek sega (spin dat wheel)
  • game carnival? was this a thing?
  • kid-para (getting into proper weirdo territory there, archiving kids stuff)


  • loose translations of flyer pages
  • why did they stop


  • find any undocumented venues (there are hundreds more dear god)
  • archive the lost art of sonic d├ęcor thanks to japanese blogs that were equally obsessed as this wiki
  • china (current theory: a psyop)
  • taiwan!
  • sega world manny, have it on good authority segaworld london nicked their coins, why was it so shortlived
  • gunk on wolverhampton
  • rewrite bournemouth (i did it badly months ago dont read its current state)

OTHER (this includes everything else)

  • add more info on what the deal was with sega arena, club sega, cinemagic, gigo etc
  • sega park... but in portugal!
  • please let there be scans of harmony, segajack, segamaga out there
  • coinslot trade papers (there must be some info in these)
  • proper history pages on amusement venues, atp, en-joint, revise all existing ones
  • more about the fishies, aquarena, fish on chips (what)
  • sonic bowl over on hechog land
  • pinch the videos on beeb's website
  • sega amusements international's shite prize zones and active zones (some of which unsurprisingly closed)
  • even corporate structure and screenshots if i can be bothered