Aqua Nova

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Aqua Nova
System(s): Medium-scale attraction
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Simulation, Shoot-em-up

Number of players: 1-8
Release Date RRP Code
Medium-scale attraction
¥? ?
Medium-scale attraction
£? ?
Medium-scale attraction
$? ?
Medium-scale attraction
R$? ?

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Aqua Nova (アクアノーバ) is a medium-sized attraction designed by Sega for its theme park venues. Players don stereoscopic 3D glasses and sit in moving, tilting seats to watch a six minute long interactive CGI ridefilm on a large movie screen. The ride simulates a futuristic submarine voyage to an undersea colony, which is suddenly attacked by a rampaging sea monster. Aqua Nova's eight seats each feature a control panel allowing players to "shoot" the monster and change the ending of the film.


Set in the future, Aqua Nova begins as a leisurely submarine tour of an experimental city located deep beneath the seas of a distant planet. A comical robotic sea turtle, "Ada," serves as the riders' tour guide and narrator. The calm atmosphere is broken when a monstrous giant squid suddenly appears and begins destroying the city, sending the players' submarine tumbling through collapsing tunnels and scaffolding.[2] When the giant squid appears, players are encouraged to use the control panel mounted in front of their seats to shoot at the beast. Depending on how well the players accomplish this, Aqua Nova presents one of sixteen possible ending scenes, ranging from the complete destruction of the city to an explosive defeat of the squid.[2]



In 1995, Sega's Tokyo headquarters contracted Los Angeles animation studio Digital Universe to create the CGI film for Aqua Nova. Director Art Durinski led a six person team of modelers and animators to complete the project.[3]


Aqua Nova made its first appearance at Okayama Joypolis in 1996, and became a standard attraction at many of Sega's large indoor theme park venues throughout the mid 2000s. Most of these venues are no longer operational, and the ones remaining have largely replaced Aqua Nova with more recent attractions. It is unknown if any Aqua Nova units remain in operation today. The following parks featured Aqua Nova:



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